Email marketing is an effective way to automate and scale your service-based or local business.

The basic principles of acquiring and nurturing leads, developing top-of-mind awareness, and automating customer interactions are relevant for all businesses, not just digital.

In this podcast episode, we pick the brain of Matthew Rodela of Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy. Matthew has built multiple computer repair and consulting businesses, and also provides fantastic resources for anyone who is starting or maintaining their own computer business. He currently hosts The Computer Business Podcast.

The tactics Matthew shares with his community are relevant for most service-based and local business, so whether you fix computers, walk dogs, plan weddings, chop down trees, or service mortgages, this episode is jam-packed with actionable insights.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use email marketing to nurture leads from your website
  • How to use email automation to build customer relationships
  • How to increase referrals and repeat business with top-of-mind marketing

Listen below:

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