Pop quiz: What’s the best way to generate a ton of qualified leads, while also providing a fun an engaging interactive experience?

It’s a pop quiz, of course!

In this podcast episode, we discuss exciting and effective lead generation and list-building techniques with Josh Haynam, Co-founder of Interact.

The mantra at Interact is a simple one. They are a “lead generation platform for a content and social media driven world.” With interactive personality quizzes, assessments and giveaways, marketers are finding success in growing their email lists, but also learning about their subscribers interests, personalities and needs.

Listen above, and you’ll hear about:

  • Josh’s entrepreneurial path to Interact
  • The impact of personality quizzes and assessments on list growth
  • How to segment your leads and tailor your emails using subscriber quiz answers.
  • Josh’s least favorite type of subject lines
  • … and much more!

Here are a few links that were mentioned on the show: