What does the future of email marketing hold? 🔮

Great question! If we had a crystal ball, we’d be able to tell you. But since that wouldn’t be the most accurate, we asked five email marketing experts to share their data-backed predictions.

In this week’s #EmailChat, we looked back on some of the best email trends of the year (along with some not-so-great ones) and what it means for marketers moving forward.

Special thanks to our friends at AddThis, Litmus, MailCharts, Movable Ink and Express Writers!

The biggest email updates in 2016

  • GIF usage went way up (just take a look at Mailchart‘s data below)
  • Gmail announced responsive design support, email designers around the world cheered
  • Email automation became a household name – here’s how to get started

The email design trends we saw everywhere

The way we consume email has changed

  • Mobile email consumption increased year over year
  • Consumers became more selective about who they let into their inbox
  • Millennials checked their email all day, every day (and everywhere)

The way we sent email changed, too

  • Brands used automation to create live content experiences
  • Marketers became more strategic in how they approach email
  • Email became more personalized for subscribers

These subject lines stood out in the inbox

  • Everyday we brusselin’ (via Sweetgreen)
  • 👆🏼 Better than their deals👇🏼 (via Topman)
  • Beach, please (via Everlane)
  • When you wanna Rock Out with your Dog Out (via BarkPost)

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And these brands killed it with their campaigns

  • Collaborative Fund’s magazine-style newsletter
  • Spotify’s “Most Listened to”
  • Movember’s fundraising campaign

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This is what we predict for 2017

And that’s a wrap!

How did these changes impact your email marketing strategy? What are you looking forward to in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

We’ll see you back here on Thursday, January 5th for more actionable insights and tactics from the experts. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the latest news and events from AWeber.