On this episode of Ask Me About Email Marketing, we discuss starting, failing, monetization, driving traffic, staying accountable, growing businesses, connecting with people, and much more with Noah Kagan, the chief sumo at SumoMe.com. Whoa, that’s a lot to talk about.

In fact, Noah covers so much ground in our brief conversation, I’m convinced that this episode will be THE most downloaded episode to date. Let’s make it happen.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why quality of subscribers supersedes quantity
  • How to commit to an email strategy and stay accountable
  • The velocity to $1 principle, and value of selling early
  • Ways feedback from subscribers can shape your strategy
  • The importance of sticking with your business
  • Some tactics for getting traffic, what to do with it, and why you might not need it at all
  • … and much more!

Thanks to Noah for joining the show, dropping some knowledge, and providing marketers with a ton of valuable tools at SumoMe.

Here are a few links that were mentioned on the show:

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