If you want to reach the right people with the right information at the right time, email automation is a non-negotiable. In fact, 91 percent of marketers say automation is the key to their success: “Email automation is the lifeblood to our businesses. Whether we are using a ‘Welcome Series’ for new subscribers, an invitation series for people requesting access to our products, an ascension series for transitioning a lead to a buyer…we are constantly using automation to create more touchpoint with the prospect/customer.”— Justin Rondeau, Digital Marketer (The other nine percent? Probably haven’t tried it yet.)

Getting Started with Automation

Email automation can be used to create multiple autoresponder series, as well as robust campaigns that are triggered when an action occurs—like, when someone subscribes to your newsletter. In fact, automated emails get 100 percent more engagement than a newsletter, with half of the work. Still looking for ways to integrate automation into your email marketing strategy? From getting started to more advanced email automation, we rounded up our top posts so you can improve your a-game, no matter what your skill level is:

Lesson 1: How to Get Started with Email Automation

Skill level: Beginner

Think email automation is only for big brands? Think again. Let this post be your guide to creating two basic automation series: one for prospects and one for customers. You’ll even get a checklist of all the tools you can use to make setting up your campaigns even easier. The only thing you need? An awesome email automation platform, great content and a few hours of time! Read more

Lesson 2: Welcome Email Campaigns 101: How to Create an Awesome Welcome Campaign

Skill level: Beginner

Email automation doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be as simple as setting up your first welcome email. This post walks you through the steps of creating your first welcome email campaign, from the different types of welcome emails to the best time to schedule your campaign. It’s also jam-packed with tips for writing content that converts your subscribers and what to do after you hit ‘send.’ Read more

Lesson 3: How Running Shoes Guru Uses Email Automation to Engage 20K Runners Worldwide

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Wondering how email automation can work for your business? Take it from Ruggero Loda. He’s the founder of Running Shoes Guru, and uses autoresponder emails to stay connected with his list of over 20k+ subscribers. We’ll walk you through all of the tactics he uses to combine his content with email automation to attract and engage his online community, from how to get people into your autoresponder series to driving revenue. Read more

Lesson 4: How to Use Google Analytics to Create an Awesome Welcome Email

Skill level: Intermediate

You’ve got the basics of welcome emails down. Now what? This post covers how you can use Google Analytics to improve your welcome emails. From identifying your best content to tracking your sources, this is the perfect post for beginners who are ready to start optimizing their campaigns and seeing results. Read more

Lesson 5: How to Use Autoresponders to Write an Email Course

Skill level: Intermediate

Creating an email course might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Anyone with a passion and story to tell can create their first profitable email course and this post proves it. It covers all of the questions from:

  • How much should I charge for my course?
  • What should I write about?
  • How do I structure a course?
  • What should my lessons look like?

… and much more! We’ve even compiled a list of really good email course examples to get you inspired. Read more

Lesson 6: How We Created Personalized Campaigns for an Email Course

Skill level: Intermediate

Personalization is all the rage these days, and we aren’t just talking about a name in the subject line. Subscribers now expect relevant, tailored content to fit their needs. In fact, personalized emails receive nine percent higher open rates and 41 percent higher click thru rates than content written for a broader audience. This post takes a deeper dive into how we created multiple automated email campaigns from a single sign up form — with video tutorials to help make it even easier! Read more

What’s Next

With Campaigns from AWeber, you can build relationships with your subscribers and still be able to spend time on the things you love. If you’re already an AWeber customer, log in to your account and see the power of Campaigns for yourself. Not a customer? Start using email automation for free today.