Are you using email marketing to generate an income? If not, do you want to?

Writing to sell without feeling “salesy” or “sleazy” is a challenge. When it comes to selling via email, the autoresponder has made it possible to send a sequence of automated emails over time to ensure you get the right message to the right person when they need it most.

Also known as “drip campaigns,” marketers set up these automated emails to provide information about themselves, the problems they solve and the products they offer. You’ll also find that many seasoned marketers teach their strategies and tactics for moving subscribers through the buyer “funnel” in a way that allows them to feel like they’re “selling without selling.” In fact, we’ve written a ton about mastering the autoresponder and creating sophisticated automated campaigns, too. (Not to mention, AWeber has been known for providing a great reliable email automation platform since 1998!)

While drip campaigns can be effective, however, that’s not the only way to influence people to buy your product or service.

In this episode of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, we talk with expert email copywriter, Ben Settle. Forget all the conventions of email marketing that you’ve clung to over the years and listen to this episode.

Ben sends one to two emails a day to his main list with very few spam complaints. Sure, he gets unsubscribes, but unlike a lot of email marketers, he welcomes them. His unique philosophies on daily emailing, unselfish selling and copywriting have helped email marketers find their niche, write with confidence and conquer their fears of selling.

Listen above, and you’ll hear about:

  • How Ben got his start in copywriting and email marketing
  • The benefits of sending daily
  • Why NOT selling your solution is selfish
  • The importance of mixing promotion with teaching
  • How email marketing is like talk radio
  • The importance of mixing promotion with teaching
  • The #1 1990s television show that all email marketers must watch
  • … and much more!