Is it just me, or have brands have been upping their email game lately? From animated GIFs to artfully-crafted layouts, email design has become an artform in its own right (just ask Litmus).

The tricky thing about email design is that you only have 3-4 seconds to grab subscribers’ attention and really wow them with your message. Everything from font choices and colors, to images and placement, have a significant impact on how readers absorb your messaging – and if they respond.

So what goes into the ideal email? Let’s break it down:


Start from scratch or modify an existing template. (Check out our gallery of over 700 mobile-responsive templates, including the one below.)


Not too short, not too long. The design accentuates the to-the-point messaging.


Placement of assets feels organic and unforced.

Links added where appropriate and only if necessary.


Images are used as emphasis. Try incorporating fun elements like GIFs!


The color palette evokes the mood of the email, while carrying over the brand experience.


Sans serif feels more modern and clean. Translates well onto mobile.

Helps define the space.

Logo/Brand Assets

Defines who the messaging is from and translates well with other brand assets.

White Space

Helps prevent visual noise.


Clear, defined, stands out.

*Bonus points: Mobile-reponsive

Opens and functions beautifully on multiple email clients.

Need a little boost? Our email design team is here to help you create the template of your dreams. Enhance your brand experience with a custom template today.

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