A great title captures your attention and ranks high on SEO. It’s your first pitch to get readers to your blog, which could lead them to investing in your services. They are the first thing you see in search, an email headline, and social media feed.

The way we write now has changed over the years. Online writing has become an exciting environment, where we used to write straight-forward headlines like “Writing Titles for Blogs” to titles that really resonate with your audience. Giving your title the human touch will create that human connection. Alternatively, knowing a bit of SEO will increase your chances of being read.

The Human Touch

Why is this important? People want to feel considered in a blog post. They read it because it adds value to their lives. Being able to relate to your audience, especially in the title, creates an indirect invitation for them to click that link.

Instead of saying “How-to Write Titles” why not try:

  • Title Tactics: How to Write Titles that will Standout
  • Boring Titles? Your 3 Tips to Standout Titles
  • Title Time Out: Why Your Title is The Most Important Part of Your Blog

Try it out: Write the topic of the title first. Then, think of how people would search for it. By considering their problems or pains you can address them in your title further convincing them that if you click on this link you will definitely find your answer.

These titles are definitely not perfect, but that’s why it is important to know who your audience is. Study the type of tone your readers respond to the most, but if you need help there are also tools to help you create content that reaches your audience. Your audience will be able to identify with these types of titles because they have drama, makes your reader curious, are easy to read, and are relatable. You want your reader to think, yah I totally need to read this.

Keep your title specific to the topic, but add a bit of personality. Titles are all about performing that balancing act.

Backed by Data

Captivating your audience with a well-written title is the first and only chance to get them to your blog.

How do you know if you have a great title after adding that human touch? Measure it. To ensure that your title reaches your audience, back it up with data.

Ask yourself:

  • Will your title bring in traffic, encourage engagement, and convert readers to customers?
  • Is your title at optimal length for engagement, 80 – 100 characters?
  • Is there a photo or infographic? State the featured type of content in the blog. According to a recent article published by Hubspot, blogs that had the word “photo” in them performed 59% higher than those without.

Writing effective titles that stand out is one of the hardest parts that come with writing a blog. Some draft it in the beginning and others at the end. It requires creativity and direct address. As many content marketers are predicting, writing titles and content filled with keywords to generate traffic will not be as effective as it used to be. Quality content matters, and making your pitch within a phrase that is less than a 140 characters is definitely daunting, but if you consider your audience in your writing, your title will bring them in.