How would you describe someone as the most super at something? You’d use a superlative of course! Bad jokes aside, a superlative can either be an adverb or adjective, and is used to describe that which is greater than anything else.

To put it into context, by adding ‘-est’, to the end of a word, like fastest, or strongest, you are using a superlative.

Superlatives are comparisons where something holds the highest regard. By saying, That dog was the most furry out of all of the other dogs in the park, you are creating a comparison to which the subject (the furry dog) surpasses the others.

Let’s put them together:

On the sunniest day of the year, the water was the most warm it had ever been since the beginning of the season.

Thinking outside the box

Would you ever consider using a superlative as a noun? In this way it is used to exaggerate a mode of expression.

Consider it in phrase: The media gushed superlatives as she walked the red carpet.

As an adjective and noun, they both equal to a person or thing as being the utmost, and superior to something else.

What about blogging?

We need superlatives in blogging to emphasize a point. This type of writing makes a story more exciting to read. There is an absolutism to a blogger’s words when they say something is held to the utmost degree.

Which sounds more exciting to you?

She drove her car fast on the racetrack and finished first.


She drove her car the fastest on the racetrack and finished first.

By using superlatives, you are helping the reader visualize your story. You’re creating dynamics in your writing. You are establishing highs, lows, successes, and outcomes.

Be careful!

Try not to go overboard when using superlatives, it can seem frivolous.Think about how many superlatives you can use before your reader gets annoyed. Is something really the best, even if you just stated something else was the best prior?

What do you think when you read this: The ice cream from the best ice cream store in the city, also had the best flavours, and the best selection, but the cupcake store sold the best sweets.

Figuratively speaking, you can only keep going up so far before your reader gets tired.

It is very difficult to refrain from long winded writing, especially when you’re blogging. Many of us blog about ourselves and our experiences. We want our readers to feel excited while reading the content, and we often put our feelings into the words we type.

Overusing superlatives will make you seem like a less authoritative writer.

To remedy this, wait a day or two and read your draft out loud. If it starts to sound like you’re rambling, maybe cut the sentence into two, keep it concise, reword it, or remove excess information. In any case, not everything can be the best in one sitting.

What kind of writer are you?

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