Whether you are a seasoned blogger or just starting out, it’s always difficult to start writing. We either don’t know what to write about, or we have too many ideas. If you have too many ideas, they often relate to one another and it becomes difficult to edit down.

Opposite to this problem, we often make the excuse that we have writer’s block. How do we remedy this? Just start writing. Get all your thoughts out of your head, onto the paper or screen. This will bring the best ideas to the forefront.

Picture This…

You are moving into a new house. There are boxes everywhere. Items are disorganized even if they were in the same box. What do you do in this situation? You don’t think about how much needs to get done, you simply pick a box and begin to unpack.

Just start or nothing will happen

Now that we’ve tackled the two problems that come with starting a blog, let’s talk about how you can optimize your content for maximum reach:

  1. Make sure you’re active on the appropriate social media platforms. Are you writing for yourself or a client?
  2. Grow your network and interact with people on forums.
  3. After you publish your post you can have a plug-in on your site that will automatically publish updates from your blog to your social media accounts, but we recommend creating individual posts per platform and following current guidelines – Number of hashtags, length, mentions, images dimensions, links, and the time of your post.
  4. Write like a human being and not like a robot.
  5. Use keywords that are in both your title and body, but remember Google will penalize you for going overboard.
  6. Include other links. Are you writing about another person? Include their handle or website in a hyperlink. Sharing is caring after all.
  7. Keep it concise. In the intro paragraph, have shorter sentences. As for the overall length, we recommend a maximum of 1200 words, but the maximum number continues to change with some factors that involve Google’s algorithms, how and from which device people are reading from.
  8. Include pictures. Having a visual break helps your reader engage with your content, especially if they are relevant to your topic.
  9. Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. You can do this on your blog post, main page, and through your social media. Have a button or CTA at the end, middle, or as a floating window.
  10. Download the full version of AtomicWriter instead of the Lite version.It will give you insight into how your content will resonate with your audience using Google Analytics and your Social Media Accounts.

Bonus: Post consistently. If your audience expects you to publish a blog daily or weekly, deliver.

These 10 tips to optimize your blog post for maximum reach, require you to be social, technical, and consistent. Blogging or being a writer can be a full time job nowadays and it takes a passion to succeed in a world that is overflowing with information.