It’s not often that people mix their personal lives with their business lives, but the Head of Digital Marketing for The Step2 Company did just that when she used her own personal experiences as motivation when putting together Step2’s overall digital strategy.

It was just a few years ago when she and her husband were expecting their first child. They went through all of the normal tests like anyone else, but the results shook their world. Their doctors informed them of defects found in the baby’s heart. They were given options to consider, one of which seemed unthinkable. Either go through with the pregnancy and face a very difficult life filled with complications and surgeries, or terminate the pregnancy.

Rather than relying solely on doctor opinions, they wanted to see what other parents in their situation experienced. So, they turned to bloggers to find answers to their questions. What did they do? What questions did they ask? Who else did they meet with before making any decisions? What else did they consider or what didn’t they think about yet?

To say that bloggers had an impact on their lives and the decision they faced would be a huge understatement! Based on the experiences they read online, they decided to go forward with the pregnancy and are now the parents of a bright, happy three year-old boy!

Motivated to help others who might be in a similar situation, Step2 publishes user-generated content on their Stepping Stones blog, which includes two sections: Steps of Life and Healthy Steps. While their internal staff of writers is outstanding, they recognized that it would be difficult for them to produce the amount of content needed to support such a blog. So, they developed relationships with over 75 mommy bloggers who share their experiences regarding the daily ups and downs of raising kids. Step2’s mission is simple… help people.

Whether it’s a story that brightens a day, tips or ideas for kid parties, fun recipes, advice on how to deal with certain situations at home or school, or shared experiences which could help someone through a difficult situation, Step2 has provided a place where parents might get a laugh or find some help.

In addition to these blogs, Step2 has partnered with the Saving tiny Hearts Society , an organization dedicated to congenital heart defects research. This gives visitors another avenue for information.

Step2’s effort to use content marketing and user-generated content, written for real people, helps improve lives… not promote their own brand. Refreshing, isn’t it? To think this whole strategy started with a tiny little heart and now shines with a big bright smile on the face of a little boy is remarkable.

At this time of year, its great to hear stories of how content marketing can have some such a great impact on the audience it serves. We’d love to hear your stories.