When writing content, the author often considers the message they are trying to convey to their audience. The content is well versed, of quality, and geared toward the business purpose, but is this enough to continually entice your audience? It is imperative to let your audience be your guide when generating content. By listening to your audience needs, you can establish where and how your content generates the most engagement.

Write content that motivates and inspires your audience

You must ask yourself these questions. What does your audience want to learn? What motivates them? Do the topics fit what your audience is trying to educate themselves about. Not only must your content fit the needs of your business but your audience as well. Think about what type of reader you are trying to inspire, are they a client and are you hoping to generate business through this content? Is this a casual reader who is reading your content for enjoyment? Is your audience looking to your content for educational purposes? You want your content to resonate with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

By learning from your reader, you can find a way to translate your content so the audience can understand the purpose of your product. A general understanding leads to engagement and maintaining interest. There is no point in continually talking about yourself or product, you must discover what your audience really cares about. Don’t continually repeat the same message, you can avoid this by creating a content strategy. Developing a monthly content calendar can assist with scheduling what message you want to share with your audience that month and decreases the chances of repetitive topics. This also assists with adapting your topics towards what your audience actually cares about. Performing an audience survey is useful to see what actually motivates your audience. Conducting user surveys creates an open forum for discussion and leads to awareness of your audiences needs while sharing your message.


Examine your content and the sophistication level you intend to write. Your content engagement depends on sophistication level, if the content is too complex or too simple your audience may lose interest. At Atomic Reach, we try to provide insight on different reader sophistication levels by distinguishing into 5 categories, general, knowledgeable, specialist, academic and genius. We track your content performance and which audience segments perform well with your content. We also look at page views and social engagement by knowledge band, this way in the future you can adapt your content towards this audience sophistication level. By writing to a target sophistication level, this will generate more engagement and help identify what content sparks the highest interest. Knowing and understanding your audience identity will aid your content creation.

Be trendy

Being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean your content lacks individuality, , it is about discussing topics relevant to your specific audience. In terms of online content it is important to consider whether your content is trending. This is done by using and understanding keywords in your content. Not only will this assist with your content development, it will help guide your content towards the topics your audience is looking for. Using relevant keywords is significant in terms of search engine optimization. A useful tool is the Atomic Engager topic indicator, we pinpoint the use of significant keywords and the topics you intend to represent your article. This can provide insight into your audience interests.

Trendy content means also understanding your demographic. Is there a certain age group, sex or location in which your audience perpetuates? What type of device does your audience normally use? Are they mostly mobile users and do you need to cater your content towards a handheld device? At Atomic Reach we want to help you keep track. The Atomic Insights platform tracks your content demographic so you can always cater to your audience. Knowing your demographic also helps you to review content that has performed well with your audience in the past. We pinpoint active articles that are currently being shared, which allows you to track your content performance in terms of web traffic and social media.

When content is relevant to trending topics it creates an atmosphere for your readers to share your message. Atomic Insights performs content analysis and collects all this information in one place. Are you seeing more web traffic with page views or via social media? By using this tool, you can quickly identify not only who your audience is, but when and where your audience is sharing most of your content.

Learning about your audience needs will aid content generation and establish a relationship with your audience. This will not only maximize engagement, it will help maintain your audience and develop a platform for new readers.