Creating a lasting impact and drawing in your reader is a little bit like dating, first impression is key! Just like a first date, the first impression is imperative, similar to how the title is a critical facet of your blog post.

The title guides creation and direction of your post. It leads to topic generation and the article focus throughout your content creation. It determines the destiny of your content, the readability and creates an audience connection.

The title gives your content value from an audience and SEO stand point, not only will you see an increase in page views and social engagement, great titles that are cohesive with your content guarantee audience return.

Here at Atomic Reach, we analyze why titles are so important and help you generate titles that correspond the best with your audience, your readers will desire a second date with your content.

Keep it on the DL

By DL, we mean down low, in other words, don’t over share, what kind of stranger wants to hear about your deepest, darkest secrets on first meeting, you will send them running scared. Transfix the reader at first glance by writing titles that are precise and to the point.

Don’t exhaust your reader at first glimpse of your content. Share some information, but not too much, entice them to learn more on their own terms, by reading the rest of your article. At Atomic Reach we advise the length of title be 5-11 words, this way your title is concise, just enough to pique curiosity.

Don’t just talk about yourself

Ask questions, it is a form of communicating and participating with your reader. Asking a question invokes mystery, the reader will be attentive and learn from your content, headlines formed as a question can provoke curiosity from the reader which will lead to higher engagement.

Communicating the right message is essential, another way to correspond with your reader is using second person pronouns such as “you, your, yours”. Addressing the reader in the headline enables you to interact precisely, it indicates a concern about their life and the desire to support them by transferring valuable information. The reader will readily relate to the content when you’re addressing it directly to them.

Make your article “desirable”

Who doesn’t like to feel desired, think about this when composing your title! Using superlatives captures attention and produces an eye catching title, it evokes a response from the reader and creates an emotional attachment to the content. Use 1-4 superlatives to create an inspiring title that resonates with your readers, anything in between becomes ineffective.

Superlatives help accentuate the message that you are trying to communicate to your reader and invokes a feeling of satisfaction, you want to use compelling words to draw in the reader, this will make them continue reading your content. Superlatives also tie your title to your content and make your article pop!

Create titles that generate positive or negative emotions, readers tend to share articles that are exciting or cause an emotional reaction. Using high arousal emotions creates a larger platform for your content to go viral than content without emotion. Readers tend to share articles that are exciting or funny.

One always wants to look and feel their best on a first date, so should your title! An aesthetically pleasing title is imperative, so capitalize your title if this is conducive to your content style. Capitalization of titles depends on the particular style of writer or publication.

Tell the reader something they don’t already know

Instructional articles or step-by-step guides, using “how-to” or “how to” in the headline can increase audience engagement. This structure of title assists to inform your reader that you are trying to educate them about the topic of your content. When using a “how-to”, think of the top predicament you are trying to instruct your reader about and base your title around this topic.

How-to articles offer useful information and methods to make things easier, you will ultimately have a happier reader. The reader wants information from your content and a feeling of completion.


You can usually tell right away if there is magnetism between you and your date, the same goes with content. Among people this often comes down to chemistry, with content, you can control this magnetism by using keywords. The use of keywords will grab audience attention and keeps the title consistent and relevant to the content.

Keywords are beneficial to your content so that it is compatible for SEO purposes. The search engine will draw keywords from the article, rank those words and reveal the article topic to the search engine. Keywords signify that your content is relevant to people with an interest or inquiry.

Use 1-4 keywords from your article in the title, otherwise engagement may decrease. The Atomic Engager will identify your keywords you are using in the article. Using common article keywords from your content in the title creates a magnetic draw for the audience to read the rest of the article.

Give them your digits

At the end of a first date, if all goes well, you exchange phone numbers. In this case, you are given permission to give digits at the beginning of your content. No, not your actual phone number, in this scenario use a digit in your title if you are constructing a list article. For example, “Top 10 lists” will gain higher engagement if you use digits in the headline rather than spelling out the numbers. Numbers are often easier to read than words.

Like dating, writing content is complex, so many rules and tools to remember! That’s our purpose at Atomic Reach, to assist your content creation. When you score your content using the Atomic Engager or Atomic Chrome App, we highlight and give suggestions to improve your content towards your target audience, including title!

We have done extensive research with real content to highlight the impact a great title has on your web traffic and what kind of titles resonate with an online audience.

Our case studies show that when you optimize your title, the content experiences a 23% increase in page views and 38% increase in unique views. In terms of social engagement the content experiences a 50% increase in Twitter Retweets and 114% increase in Facebook likes.

Everyone can use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to finding true love. Don’t sell your content short, by optimizing your title your audience will fall in love with your content! Using these key title components makes your content irresistible to your reader, hey you may even get a second date!