How awesome is it when you share something online that no one else has? You’ll usually know it’s awesome because you’ll receive re-shares, retweets, likes and comments. Good curators are able to experience this on a daily basis.

Here’s why you should care about curating content for your social media and how you can do it effectively and efficiently.

Why you should curate: the undeniable benefits

You will become a thought leader

Content curation is a great way to build thought leadership. When you are seeking out relevant content, you become both knowledgeable and the go-to expert of your field. Staying on top of your industry’s news and trends offers your audience relevant and valuable content that keeps them informed and coming back for more.

How to do it:

Make sure you figure out exactly the kind of topics you want to be known for. Stay consistent in sharing content across your social media networks and add your own comments to the piece. More on that below.

You will make new friends

Sharing third-party content allows you to put yourself on other people’s radars. This can include people who are passionate about the same topics as yourself or even influencers you look up to. It’s a great way to subtly introduce yourself, make new connections and start a lasting relationship (without being creepy).

How to do it:

When sharing third-party content and make sure you give them credit for their content. Whether it’s acknowledging them though @mentions or tagging their name on social media, make sure you find a way to recognize them, and they’ll undoubtedly recognize you back!

You will be a conversationalist

Content curation gets you involved in communities. It’s a great way to participate in your industry’s conversations and even allows you to start and own those discussions. Become the talk of the (online) town!

How to do it

Don’t just follow the conversation but add your own annotations (comments, opinions, impressions, etc.) This means that you are not just sharing the content as is but adding your own thoughts. Take advantage of editing in the space provided every time you hit one of the share buttons. This is how you differentiate yourself from other people sharing the same content and will lead to greater engagement. Check out this in-depth article on how to annotate by Curata.

You won’t have to put that much time into it

The great thing about content curation is that it can help support your social media efforts that require your ”live” attention (ie: conversations and discussions). On some networks, like Twitter, a high frequency of tweets raises brand awareness because you have more of a chance to get noticed in someone’s busy timeline. But let’s be honest, we can not be online 24/7, so content curation comes to the rescue in keeping your social presence up.

How to do it:

There are many tools that will:

1) Search for high quality content to share online

2) Schedule and share your curated content around the clock

3) Show it off, all in one place

Content curation also helps with content creation

Curated content not only fills social media efforts but helps your content strategy in email newsletters, blog posts, guides, infographics, and more!

How to do it:

Use curated content for newsletter rounds ups, blog post themes, resourceful stats, etc. Just make sure you don’t forget to credit the author and link to them when necessary. When you link to their article, they will get pinged and this is another great strategy to get noticed and make new connections.