The quote “If you build it they will come” does not apply to bloggers. While it is rewarding to build a website, secure a name and most importantly, produce content, you are only half-way to blogging success. Proper distribution and promotion will dictate if your blog posts soar high or fall flat. Luckily, we’re going to show you five exciting new and creative ways for you to promote your blog posts and get the exposure you deserve.

Topic-Specific Community Sites

When you first publish your post, I’m sure your first inkling will be to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. While these are all great networks to share your articles, think outside these wide-known sites and consider niche networks. Try looking for your audience on community sites like:

StumbleUpon – when you share your articles on this social bookmarking site, you can choose particular topics that your content fits into, making it easier for your target readers to find your posts. Check out Kristi Hines’ tips here: 4 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With StumbleUpon.

LinkedIn Groups – join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your topic(s). You can find many active members asking questions about what you may already know and you can contribute your thoughts.

Triberr – is made up of bloggers from all walks of life, who form their own tribes to share each other’s posts. If you can join many tribes that are relevant to you, you’ll be able to get other people supporting you and sharing your articles.

Interactive Blogger Communities

Blogger communities are great because you get to connect and interact with people working on topics similar to you. Interact with them, get to know them better and you might get yourself a ticket to DisneyLand! If not that, at least you could get your blog promoted to a huge number of people following the same niche as you. Here are some blogger communities you can join:

MyBlogU – is a platform where you can get help and support for your blog posts, especially in the planning phase. It let’s you collaborate with other bloggers who are interested in your topic.

Viral Content Buzz – after using MyBlogU, you can hop on over to Ann Smarty’s other platform, Viral Content Buzz, and share your content there. It says that they will increase your traffic by 200%! Who doesn’t want that?

Adding Audio

Audio messages in your blog post are lately observed to attract attention of users more than anything else. Apps like Yappie help you record a 1 minute audio message on your phone which you may then share with your Yappie buddies. You get to add a cover image to your post and record a message which elaborates your content in a way that simple text or images could not.

Make A Teaser Trailer

You know how movies have teasers and trailers? Well, here’s your chance to make a few for yourself! Use a 6-seconds Vine video to give your readers an idea of things to come in next. Add small clips linking to your content that help build readers’ interest in your post. This is a great way to make your content stand apart from others.

Mention Influencers

Network, network, network. Work with influencers, mention and reference them in your blog posts if or when it is appropriate. Leverage their knowledge and expertise. Curate their thoughts and articles into your own and let them know that you mentioned them. For the most part, they will re-share your article and you’ll be able to tap into their audience and grow your readership.

What are some creative ways you promote your blog posts? Leave us a comment, we’d love to learn more!