How do you know that the content you are creating is hitting the mark every time? We’re sure that you are proud of everything you put out but if it isn’t resonating with your audience, maybe it isn’t performing as well as it could.

It probably has less to do with your thoughts, theme or topic of your content and more to do with the way you’ve structured your content.

This isn’t about judging your work or the writer you are, it is about helping you become a better writer, specifically with your audience in mind.

The beautiful thing about content scoring is that it gives you an unbiased method of tracking your content, providing you with feedback and maybe even setting some benchmarks for the way in which you write.

It brings just a little bit of data science to the way in which audiences respond to content to the fine art of content creation.

1. Consistency

Scoring content takes the guess work out of knowing how good a piece of content is. You obviously will have some bias towards your work, because you wrote it and ultimately love it.

But if there is a method to score your content and understand how that scoring mechanism works, you will become more consistent with your writing so that it hits the mark every time.

Once you get into the rhythm of content scoring you’ll find that it becomes infectious and something you rely on before you hit publish.

2. Be Predictable about Performance

Once you understand that content written at a certain score performs better than content written at a lower level, you can indeed become more predictable about the content you are creating. How about that? Understanding how your content will resonate with your audience and how it will perform is certainly something worth taking note of.

3. Become a better writer in 2015

You likely are already a very capable writer. Content scoring allows you to become an even better one. Everyone can use a little coaching once in a while and content scoring affords you that opportunity, without being critical. Only you know your score, and what you need to do to enhance your writing.

There are a lot of tools in the marketplace that help you “enhance” your writing either from a grammar or search engine optimization perspective, but few offer a mechanism for scoring that allows some predictably in how your content will resonate with your audience.

In most cases, it’s still very much a guessing game whether or not your content will resonate in a superior way with your audience based on the enhancements you are doing to your content.

Those enhancements, in and of themselves are important, but recognizing the performance upside of tweaking your content is probably the most important if you’re indeed looking to garner a larger audience. Content scoring based not only on the current piece you are working on, but within the context of past performance, will only enhance your ability to connect with your audience.

That’s why we’re so excited about the work we do at Atomic Reach. Our platform helps you not only score content and gain great insights into how you are writing, but also understands how that content performs with your audience.