The world slowed down this past weekend as Tennis fans from around the world tuned in to watch the Wimbledon Finals, the oldest tournament in the game. Serena Williams claimed her 7th Wimbledon championship, tying the great Steffi Graf with 22 career Grand Slams. Andy Murray won his second Wimbledon in the men’s division against Canadian, Milos Raonic.News from Wimbledon was plastered across every outlet on Monday and dominated the conversation on Twitter. We wanted to know who was talking about the big event. To do this, we ran an interest-based segmentation on anyone who mentioned #Wimbledon and #WimbledonFinals.


As you can see above, it was a very diverse group of people interested in the tournament. Anyone from Crickets Fans, Motorsport Enthusiasts, and Extreme Kate Middleton Fans were discussing the matches. Andy Murray has a strong enough fan following that he had his own cluster break out.

Out of interest, let’s learn more about some of these interest-based clusters.

Andy Murray Fans

What They Are Interested In


How They Self-Describe


What They Are Talking About


As you can see, these fans are so dedicated that the top word that they use in their bio’s is “Murray”. Their interests are aligned with Andy and tennis, and all they talk about is tennis-related. These are tennis fans through and through.

Kate Middleton Fans

Top Interests


How They Self-Describe


What They Are Talking About


I would call myself a fan of Kate Middleton, but not compared to this community. They self-describe as all things ‘Kate:’ “Princess”, “Dutchess”, and even “#KateMiddleton”. Their top interests include fan-created Twitter accounts that publish everything Kate-related. And while Wimbledon was top of conversation for these ‘Middleton-ers’, the rest of their conversation is very ‘royal’.

That was a brief summary of the different interest groups discussing #Wimbledon. Did you want to see more about a particular group? Let me know below.

This article originally appeared on the Affinio blog.