Understanding Culture, in a Social Context

At Affinio, the marketing intelligence platform, we’re in the business of understanding social communities, the people within them, and their distinct community culture. For brands and marketers, having an intimate understanding of a social community is critical in remaining culturally relevant with ideal audiences.

The Culture of Digital Strategists

We decided to explore a community that is close to home for many of us at Affinio. The community of Digital Strategists on Instagram. A large portion of our customer base are Digital Strategists, so by diving into the culture of this community we will be able to pull key insights to gain a better understanding of this group and how to better service them.

To uncover insights within this community, we ran an Affinio Instagram analysis that searched for users that self-describe with the words “Digital Strategist” in their bio. We found 37,871 users on Instagram meeting this criteria. While there are certainly many more Digital Strategists on Instagram, this is a great starting point to identify the Digital Strategists of Instagram.

After running this report, Affinio generated the following audience-visualization.


While all of these users describe as a Digital Strategist, they have been broken out into eight distinct interest-based communities. This tells us is that people are not one-dimensional. While all of these users are self-described Digital Strategists, they are digital strategists and something else. As shown in the audience visualization above, the segmented communities have varying interests; from Hip Hop to Photography. What will resonate with each community outside of Digital Strategy is different.

But who are Instagram’s Digital Strategists?

The following analysis shows the top interests, bio keywords, hashtags, and top content shared by a selection of these culture communities.


Top Content:

Rare Indo love tunnels, totally off the grid. Needs a monster swell to start working… but when it does… Photo: @lawrence_photo via @deanbrady1

A photo posted by 18SECONDS (@18secondsmagazine) on

#stonehenge @stonehenge Goodnight #goprohero4 #GoPro #lovegreatbritain #OMGB

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Colin Roberts (@thegoodly) on

bloom in blue . . #cherryblossoms #hueart_life

A photo posted by haru wagnus (@wagnus) on



Top Content:

Se retira el último (Kobe Bryant) jugador del famoso "draft" del 1996.

A photo posted by El Vacilon de la NBA (@elvacilondelanba) on



Top Content:

feeling easy breezy in @lacademie_ // #liketkit #rStheCon @bowsandsequins

A photo posted by Ashley Torres (@pursuitofshoes) on



Top Content:

Why Understanding the Culture of a Community is Critical

With tools like Affinio, it is now possible to inject yourself into the very center of a community’s culture and find out what makes them tick. What is interesting about the digital strategist community is this shows that all digital strategist are not created equal. While these communities are very different, what brings them together is their shared passion for Digital Strategy.

To thrive and and remain culturally relevant with any audience, brands and marketers must align their strategies, online and offline, with audience-driven data. This foundational understanding of the cultural communities within an audience allows marketers to take an audience-first approach to reaching their ideal consumers.

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Originally posted on the Affinio blog, “Affinio Culture Series: Understanding the Culture of Digital Strategists on Instagram.