Influencer Marketing is one of the hottest marketing topics in 2016. For this, we wanted to release a new series. Starting today, we will be releasing lists of Top Influencers. I know, you’re sarcastically thinking “I’ve never seen one of those before”. In our case, you haven’t… let me explain.

The lists of ‘Top Influencers’ that currently exist are centered around vanity metrics and basic demographic audience data. Some take into account more advanced scores, but these are still based on engagement metrics or something of the sort. While I don’t want to discount these metrics, there is a key component missing: The Audience.

At Affinio, we take a different approach to identifying influencers. Affinio’s advanced algorithm leverages the interest-graph to analyze and understand any defined audience through interest-based segmentation. This allows you to identify influencers that already resonate with the cultures and subcultures within your audience. Instead of relying on gut feelings and opinions, we are looking at concrete data that tells us who the most relevant influencers are to an audience.

While influencers with celebrity status (or a lot of reach) are an attractive option, we also believe in the power of long-tail (or niche) influencers. Those people who have small audiences, but a whole lot of influence – the ability to create action. For this reason, we have divided our list into two parts: “Top Influencers” and “Top Niche Influencers”. Here is how they are chosen:

Top Influencers:

These are the most contextually relevant accounts to the community highlighted. To identify these, we list the individuals with the highest Relevance Score. The Relevance Score measures, from 0-100, those interests that are most likely to be relevant to this community based on affinity (see below for definition), audience size, and the number of community members who already follow the particular account. A relevance score of over 12 can be considered relevant to the community.

Top Niche Influencers:

These individual’s followers mainly reside in the community highlighted. We choose these by looking at the highest Affinity scores. Affinity is how many times more likely a person in this community is to follow a particular account compared to any random person on the network (Twitter, in this case). While you may see people on this list with very little followers, those followers exist in the community highlighted therefore, they have unique influence over your target community.

For our first list, we chose to concentrate on Market Researchers. Next week, our team will be attending and speaking at IIEX North America, a leading event for market researchers, so we thought this would be a great place to start.


How Affinio works:

Behind Affinio is an advanced, incredibly powerful, and award-winning technology that mines the billions of relational network connections that exist within any given social audience. Using our deep learning and custom network engine, Affinio is able to analyze these connections to develop a social fingerprint for each user. This allows us to understand 100% of an audience, not just the vocal minority.

Analyzing what people choose to follow extracts knowledge and cultural insights from your entire audience. This sheds light for the first time on who each audience segment is, what they are influenced by, what they talk about, share, and ultimately care most about.

How we defined this audience:

To initially identify a market research audience, we analyzed anyone who mentioned #MRX and/or #MarketResearch over a 30 day period on Twitter. This came back with six different communities including a very tight Market Research community. To ensure that we weren’t just analyzing those who tweet often, we pulled the top interests of the Market Research community and ran an analysis on anyone that follows those top accounts. This left us with three interest-based communities: Digital Marketers, Business News, and Market Researchers. As you can see, the Market Research community is a very interconnected, tight-knit community:


These are the top interests of the Market Research community:

Affinio_all_influencerGrid (1)

If you are a Market Researcher or are closely related to the industry, many of these accounts are likely familiar to you. The following list of top influencers is built off of these interests.

[slideshare id=62898298&doc=mrxinfluencerspdfv2-160609144230]

Keep an eye out for our next list! Do you have a niche community that you would like to see featured? Let us know in the comments below.

This post originally appeared on the Affinio blog.