#KenBone – What Audiences Are Responsible For His Internet Fame?

Amidst a nasty debate, undecided voter Ken Bone asked a great question about energy policy. In just a few seconds, America fell in love with everything Ken Bone; his name, his endearing smile, his red sweater, and his simple disposition.The internet exploded with Ken Bone memes and tweets. Ken Bone happily joined in the fun, embracing his rapid internet fame and making appearances on CNN and Jimmy Kimmel.In the span of 48 hours, Ken Bone’s Twitter following grew from a mere seven followers to a whopping 161k.

So the question on our minds is,

Who made Ken Bone famous?!

While social listening tools can capture the activity happening at a given time, social listening can’t tell you what communities and cultures are propelling a topic forward.

Affinio’s unique analysis reveals what communities are engaging with a particular topic. I couldn’t resist running an Affinio report on Ken Bone’s Twitter audience (@KenBone18) to understand the communities responsible for Ken’s hilarious virality.

Affinio analyzed 160,000 individuals and segmented them into twelve naturally occurring, interest-based communities:

Interest-based groups such as Gamers, Sports Fans, and Political Reports are now following Ken. And hey, it looks like Trendy Moms even have a thing for Ken Bone! All of these interest-based communities have contributed to Ken Bone’s new internet star status! Did any of these Ken Bone fans surprise you?

With tools like Affinio it is now possible to inject yourself into the very center of a community’s culture, even if it’s one you don’t quite understand. Request a demo!

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