7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cubs Fans Before Game Seven

The Chicago Cubs are still in the game, and fans are ecstatic! After securing a victory in Game 6, Chicago is ready to take on the Indians tonight in Game 7. We wanted to learn more about Chicago fans – who they are, what matters most, and what people might not know about them. Using the Affinio platform, we analyzed anyone following the Cubs on Twitter and segmented the audience into interest-based communities.

Here’s the insights we discovered about Cubs fans:

1. Notre-Dame Is Their Favourite College Football Team

One interest-based community that emerged was a Notre-Dame Fighting Irish fan community. Based on their close proximity, it’s not surprising a community of Irish fans show up. This community self-describes with bio-keywords such as “Notre,” “Irish,” “Dame,” as well as “Cubs” and finds individuals/accounts such as Brian Kelly (the head coach of Notre Dame football), Jaylon Smith (current linebacker for the Dallas Cowboy, Notre Dame alum), and Notre Dame Football news influential.

Go, Irish!

2. Cubs Fans Show Their Support From East to West

While fans originating in Illinois is a given, other states with a healthy audience of Cubs fans include Indiana, New York, Florida, and Texas! Looks like the state’s home teams the Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Marlins, or Rays couldn’t win over the hearts of these fans!

The graphic below shows the Top 5 states that the overall Cubs audience self-describes with.

3. They’d Take A Miller Lite Over A Bud

Even though Budweiser is the official beer of Major League Baseball, Miller Lite is the only beer brand that resonates within the Cubs “Super Fan” audience.

4. Their Favourite Show Is ‘The Daily Show’ With Jon Stewart

Based on audience interests, we can see that if Cubs fans aren’t busy catching up with the latest and greatest in sports, you’ll find them watching Jon Stewart, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or The Walking Dead (it seems like everyone’s tuned into this one!)

5. Cubs Fans Are About To Lose Their Beloved Vine

Looking at the audience’s top shared visual media (photos and videos) as well as top-shared domains, Vine leads the way! But bad news… these videos of top plays and fan-moments won’t be around long since Twitter recently announced that Vine is shutting down. Womp! Will Instagram Stories take over?

6. They Prefer Playstation over XBOX

Based on our Relevance score, which measures from 0-100 the accounts that are most likely to be relevant to an audience, Playstation takes the number one spot in the gaming consoles battle.

Perhaps Cubs fans are enjoying MLB® The Show 16™?

7. Trump Is Resonating with Cubs Fans… But Not By Much

Illinois has typically always had a Democratic stronghold and is one of the “big three” Democratic states alongside California and New York. Based on the accounts most likely to be relevant to the audience (including brands, media, celebrities, etc.), Trump appears and is positioned slightly ahead of Hillary. Do you think this is because of his roots in the city of Chicago, or are people just following the Trump spectacle? We’ll see what happens next week!

Originally posted on the Affinio blog, “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cubs Fans”

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