Google search shown on a smartphone.

It was bound to happen – the day when Google officially penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly has come. April 21, 2015, is when without a mobile-friendly website you will certainly lose your position in mobile searches. Taking the previous Google updates into consideration, experts say it’s not the end of mobile changes in the leading Internet search engine.

In November 2014, Google introduced mobile-friendly badge indicating which websites are optimized to be viewed on mobile devices (check if your website is mobile-friendly). Over a few weeks, the changes went worldwide, to all the Google languages and locations.

Mobile-friendly badge in mobile searches.

At first, the mobile-friendly badge did nothing more than inform mobile users which sites are optimized for mobile devices. It was the first step to make it easier for mobile users to browse the net comfortably and to make them more aware of the growing mobile channel.

Right now, we are witnessing the next big step for mobile users. It’s not only a mobile-friendly badge that your potential clients will see and choose whether to enter the website or go to one of your competitors. If they browse on a smartphone and your website is not ‘ready’ for mobile devices, your potential clients will not even see your business. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CURRENT POSITION IN GOOGLE!

How Google changes mobile website ranks.

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Mobile website vs. a traditional one on a smartphone.

You don’t have to change anything on your traditional website and we don’t want you to. Mobile website will be your other page that only your mobile visitors will see and it will keep or even improve your position in mobile searches on Google! See how easy it is with our guide or go straight to the builder and get yourself a mobile-friendly badge.

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