10 Groups to Join on LinkedIn if You’re in Marketing

With over 450 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. From growing your business connections, learning best practices, and staying up to date on trends, LinkedIn is a one-stop-shop for marketers looking to advance their skills and career.

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While Twitter and Facebook often steal the show, LinkedIn is truly the unsung hero of social media for marketers. Without the noise of other platforms, LinkedIn strives to maintain a (mostly) professional standard. Creating a profile, connecting with your peers, and posting regular updates about professional happenings is a great start to using LinkedIn, but the real benefit comes from participating in LinkedIn Groups. By adding quality, relevant content to groups and participating in thoughtful conversations, you’ll be able to establish trust, credibility, and authority within your industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn pro, or just getting started, we know that finding the right groups to join on LinkedIn can be time consuming. To make things easy for you, we’ve cherry-picked a list of 10 validated groups that offer great content (and conversation!) for marketers. From design to SEO to account-based marketing, these groups are a great place to start for solid information on all things marketing.

Top LinkedIn Groups for Marketers:

1. Digital Marketing

With nearly 1 million members, Digital Marketing is a great resource for all areas of digital marketing. Join this group to find curated conversations, white papers, industry reports, and trends on the following topics and more):

  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online PR
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Measurement and web analytics

2. B2B Technology Marketing Community

Also focused on digital marketing, the B2B Technology Marketing Community delivers high level content on a variety of “how to” topics. Members of this group have recently posted content related to “how to increase ROI with email personalization,” “how to market your startup,” and “how to determine which social networks are best for social influencer marketing.” While this group is packed full of marketing knowledge, it’s also easily digestible. This group is great to join if you’re new to digital marketing, or are leading a marketing team for small or mid-sized organizations.

3. Advertising Age

While Ad Age used to be dominantly focused on advertising, it’s actually a great place for marketers to get ideas and inspiration about the branding aspects of marketing. Their group profile claims to be “the most trusted news source on the topics that matter the most, including social media, digital media, CMO strategies, and data-driven marketing.” While we may not agree that they’re the “most trusted,” we do agree that they’re a great resource for marketers (and agencies!) who are looking to grow their brand recognition and expand industry reach. Ad Age often acknowledges some of the most creative, and disruptive marketing trends. If you’re looking for a new way to reach your target audience, this Group is a great place to share your thoughts, and find ideas about creative marketing strategies. We’re a big fan of shaking things up!

4. B2B Content Marketing

“This group is for professionals in the B2B Content Marketing and publishing industry. If you are involved in the creation of content to educate your clients, this is the group for you.”

The description for this group is dry, but the group is far from it. Some of the highlights of the most recent posts include a decomposition of Don Draper-style marketing, what the Pope can teach marketers about talking to people, and how digital detoxes shape the type of content you consume. Maybe people in this group are just really good at writing headlines, but it’s my opinion that there are some seriously good content marketers in this group – and plenty of resources!

5. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a trusted source for many content marketers, and their LinkedIn Group should is no different. This group is a great place to have respected content marketing pros answer all of your questions. While the group is run by CMI, and therefore boasts some promotional content and events, it mostly acts as a forum for marketers looking to improve the quality of their content, learn how analyze their content marketing programs, or how to effectively activate their content. This group is a great place for both content marketing newbies, and those who want to improve their already established content marketing programs.

6. eMarketing Association Network

The eMarketing Association Network (eMA) claims to be the largest, and most active LinkedIn Group for marketers, and we understand why. This group focuses on the strategic activation of social media, email marketing, SEO, mobile, and web marketing to deliver a great experience to your customers and prospects. While this group is open to all people interested in digital marketing, it does offer special offers for members of eMA for certifications and online courses.

7. Sales & Marketing Alignment

We all know sales and marketing teams sometimes have trouble playing nice. This group wants to help you fix that. With techniques, strategies, and tactics to help sales and marketing work better together, this group is a place where you can find resources on bridging that all-too-common gap. You might even invite your sales reps to join the group too!

8. Designers Talk

Design is a small part of marketing, but an incredibly important one. A clean, fresh, and navigable site can help you attract people to your website and content, and keep them there! Whether you have a designated designer (or a few) or you’re a marketer that wears many hats (including one of a designer), joining this group is a good move. Designers Talk discusses ideas and industry news for all kinds of design professionals – UX, UI, IA, digital, web, web development, brand identity, photography, and illustration.

9. SEO Expert

The goal of this group is to help SEO experts and marketing professionals “drive business to success through decent and affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.” Sounds good, right? SEO is a great driver of revenue. In fact, 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search, which means that optimizing your site and content for those searchers is more important than ever. Participating in this group can help you navigate the continuously changing landscape of search marketing, and lead you to success with optimization.

10. Account-based Marketing

One of the few marketing groups that actually encourages sales to participate, the Account-based Marketing LinkedIn Group is focused on driving conversation around the hot topic of ABM. The group says its goal is to “apply ABM-principles and techniques, like 1:1 marketing, customer analytics, strategic account planning, and others to improve marketing effectiveness from customer and prospect engagement through to the sale.” While ABM is not a new topic, it sure is one that’s getting a lot of buzz. Join this group to stay afloat on ABM, and learn more how you can apply it to your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is an excellent place for marketers to network, connect with thought leaders, and stay in the loop with modern marketing practices. Remember that groups aren’t just a one-way conversation, and that to get the most out of your groups you should be actively participating.

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