Well, it’s finally time for another big online company to change its logo. Last year we had eBay, now we have Yahoo. The thirty days are up that the company relied on to build some buzz about the logo change. They posted their new logo on the Yahoo blog (Yahoo Tumblr, I should say) late yesterday.

A New Logo (and a Good One, Too)

A Mashable write up on the event by Anita Li covers much about the new logo that Yahoo unveiled last night. Anita writes that the new logo “includes facets of the old logo, including color and that iconic exclamation mark.” Yahoo hasn’t done much at all to their logo since 1995. Eighteen years seems like a good time for change, especially since Yahoo appears to be becoming synonymous with change.

However, this time around I’m writing a logo story that I don’t think will garner such negative responses. Almost a year ago I wrote about eBay’s new logo change that certainly got heads spinning. I didn’t like the change back then and I still don’t today. Yahoo, on the other hand, has come up with a logo that I think most people would agree does justice to its past and also looks forward.

My Take and Mayer’s Take on the New Logo

I like the logo because it retains a bit of that crazy feeling that syncs well with the famous “yahoo” yell that accompanies almost every Yahoo! advertisement that has audio. At the same time the logo conveys a maturity and seriousness that the company wants to portray as it continues to grow and recover from a rough recent past.

Marissa Mayer wrote on her blog that the logo was “whimsical, yet sophisticated. Modern and fresh, with a nod to our history. Having a human touch, personal. Proud.” That to me sounds like a recipe for a high quality logo change and the requirements for implementing new branding to go along with a new logo.

At the same time though, a logo change can bring a lot of buzz to your business or agency. Yahoo generated quite a bit of attention by creating a 30-day campaign designed around their new logo. However, the more important work comes, as Allen Adamson is quoted as saying “A brand logo can signal the direction for the company, but they also have to deliver on it” in Scott Martin’s USA Today story.

Logos Matter, but the Hard Work Matters More

Brand logos are an important part of a business whether you’re online-only, brick-and-mortar, or both. But they go hand-in-hand with a lot of work behind the scenes. The products, services, or goods a business provides through their own work or through an agency need to build the positive connection between consumer and brand in order for the logo to be meaningful to them. Hopefully Yahoo! can follow up on this logo change with some big changes that show real results.

What do you think of the new logo change?