Businesses often underestimate the power an effective brand tagline can have in their marketing.

“An effective tagline will pique interest, highlight your strengths, and help your prospects instantly understand how you can help them,” says Donald Miller, author of Building a Storybrand and founder of a marketing consulting business by the same name. “When it’s well-crafted, your tagline is a major competitive advantage. When it’s not, it’s a lost opportunity and a liability.”

At On Hold Company, we believe that companies should not only develop an effective brand tagline, but that they should feature that tagline in their professional voicemail recordings.

As Miller suggests, an effective tagline reduces the essence of a company into a few key words – words that communicate what you do and who you serve.

If you don’t incorporate your tagline into your greetings, you are missing a key opportunity to communicate your marketing message to your most important audience – people who are on the phone to do business with you.

Here are three reasons why you should incorporate your brand tagline into your professional voicemail greetings.

#1: Your brand tagline underscores your primary strength – how you serve.

If your tagline is benefit-driven, every time your customers hear it, they are reminded of what you do and how you can help them. Tasteful repetition drives the point home.

If you call On Hold Company, you’ll see that our tagline, ‘Insanely Great Service,’ is featured in our professional voicemail greetings.

“In our industry, ‘great service’ is uncommon, and ‘insanely great service’ even more so,” says Bryant Wilson, CEO. “That’s why we use our tagline in our professional voicemail greetings: it highlights our competitive advantage and helps our clients understand how we can serve them.”

#2: Your brand tagline makes your greetings memorable.

While your professional voicemail greetings might feature several different messages, your most valuable audio real estate is your company name and tagline.

Use your name and tagline liberally to make your greetings consistent and memorable.

#3: Your brand tagline makes your greetings congruent with other marketing touch points.

Your company likely invested time and money to develop your tagline. By incorporating it into your professional voicemail greetings, you are maximizing the return on that investment and ensuring that all of your marketing touch points are sending the same message.