Why the Trust Factor In Your Business Is EverythingWhen we go and start a business, we tend to do everything else right, like getting the funding, a partner, what to sell, office space and so on, and what we don’t take into account is the trust factor. You see trust seems to be an invisible element in business, nobody sees’s it, it’s just there, and they just know it’s there to a degree.

But what we are not realizing, is that every major business decision involving money takes a bit of a trust, even the smallest.

And trust goes even further into the minds of your customers, that’s why people trust major brands, a “brand” is like the beacon in marketing. People trust the brand, people buy from the same “trusted” brand. So how do you gain people’s trust and keep it?

So who do you trust in your business?

What decisions have made you think twice because of trust?

How strong is your brand to your customers?

These are the usual questions that CEO’s, consumers, and entrepreneur’s alike having to swirl in their heads from time to time.

Let’s take a look at how to capitalize on the trust factor and create a better foundation for your business…

Ok let’s zero in on this trust thing, and what you can do to improve it, build consumer loyalty, and create an army of raving fans that want whatever you offer them.

Why Your Reputation Is Golden

Once you have learned the value of your reputation, then you won’t do anything to damage it. One sure way to permanently damage that is scam others online and other questionable activities, and even your comments. Word of advice here is to be professional. Other people will see it, and professionalism is required as an entrepreneur. Besides, customers today now do searches on either Google, Youtube, or your own blog if they want to find out more about you, and a bad reputation never disappears off the search engines, and can take years to earn and can be lost in minutes.

Why Email Is Powerful Trust Building Tool

People used to think spamming out millions of emails with any regard was the best way to build an online business. Well turns out that no relationship and no trust was being built in the process. Or people undervalue having a copywriter write them 20 an email sequence for their funnels for 6K (about $300 each), why would anyone pay 6K for 20 emails? I would and did that’s who, why? because they are going to build trust and a relationship with my new subscribers, then if they like what I can help them with, they buy that simple.

Money Getting Insider’s TIP : Build your subscriber list and e-mail them everyday so you can build momentum, trust, and subscribers can know, like and trust you, this is how you get people to buy your products and services. Don’t lose momentum. Do this for 90 days. Start today. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, frustrated, and spinning your wheels over and over again with no or little results to show.

Keep The Spotlight On The Customer

Yes, people buy from people, so they do want to know who you are, but the best way to show them who you are is by being a professional. One example of professionalism is focusing the pitch around your customers and not around yourself, that’s being over self-promotional.

Focus on providing a viable solution, if you can solve that riddle, you have a million dollar business hands down!

Here is an interesting survey on decision making that requires the “Trust Factor.” Credit to Dan Stratton who wrote the quote below.

In fact, a recent eMarketer study surveying business-to-business decision-makers found that 95% of them labeled Peers and Colleagues as their most trusted source for information. Making sure that your current and past customers are happy has never been more important as they have a tremendous amount of influence over future purchasing decisions by prospects you don’t even know exist yet. This is why it is always important to not only make your customers as happy as possible, but to give them the tools they need to evangelize your brand for you. Anticipate customers sharing experience on online review sites, giving presentations about their experience with your company, or simply taking the time to hop on the phone with some of your prospects as a referral customer – and arm them accordingly.

Why Understand The Why

You see if you can answer why people want a product or a service, you got a winning sales pitch. Knowing the “WHY” also keeps the spotlight on the customer and not act like a salesperson. If you are pitching (marketing or selling) something to someone you better know “why” they’d want it. People want to get to know your intentions AND you, that’s why you have to pitch in the first place.

The Art Of Pitching To Gain Someone’s Trust

To pitch (Not talking about baseball) someone, is to listen first to their wants or needs then quickly offer a solution and how you can help. If you cannot get their attention, you won’t get your point across, and if you can’t do that, then I guess they do not “Trust” you’re making the right business decision to make money. Unfortunately, you have to get good at presenting yourself in a hurry if you’re trying to get business investment, joint venture funding or get a partner. Pretend you’re in an elevator going up, in 5 minutes do you have his or her attention or not?

Listen, pitch, and offer a solution.

Get A Conversation Going

My last tip on creating the trust factor in your business is getting a conversation going. Much of marketing is based on creating relationships with people and creating conversations. This goes into you listening to their needs, and really ties in a lot of marketing strategies posted here. I’ve seen 6 figure marketer’s who use only Facebook and Skype to get a conversation going with potential clients and developed that client into a customer for years to come.

And finally, why the “Trust Factor” never goes away…and why it’s your ally in business.

It’s the same ‘Trust’ thing when you get started online.

It’s the same ‘Trust’ thing when you want to make your first 6 figures.

It’s the same ‘Trust’ thing when you want to make your first 7 figures.

It’s the same ‘Trust’ thing when you want to make your first 8 figures. It’s all about the trust.

The final thing to think about, how can you improve the trust in your business? And how can you leverage that relationship and create an endless buying, customer? Leave a comment below and let’s get our own discussion going, thanks for reading.