levisLevi’s touts that they “epitomize classic American style and effortless cool” – and we can’t disagree. The original jeans retailer defines simple yet innovative fashion.

Making consumers more stylish since 1873, Levi’s has long stood the test of time as a leader in the retail industry. More recently, they’ve expanded their rule to the Internet and social media. Just last year, Mashable ranked Levi’s as third in their Social Brand Chart for fashion.

Levi’s social media marketing efforts are successful on many levels. They have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest sharing buttons on their website. They also have an interesting blog, in which they allow users to browse these sections: explore, brand, culture, design, style and sustainability.

Levis’ Twitter is effectively utilized for creative promotions and customer service. Their YouTube channel has an extensive collection of videos, while their Pinterest is in need of improvement in terms of growth and engagement. Their Facebook and Instagram, however, knock it out of the social park. We examine the two networks that truly impressed us below.

Here’s what you can learn from Levi’s notable Facebook and Instagram profiles:


Levi’s Facebook page has over 18 million likes – and high engagement levels to boot. They stay true to their classic brand but branch out by way of customization, with their cover photo including the quote: “What’s your interpretation?” Encouraging users to make their clothes unique by way of styling is a smart marketing move for all retail brands – it gives consumers a positive feeling that translates to brand affinity. Their Facebook content ranges from product promotions, sales offers, partnership/ collaborations, consumer questions, company news and style ideas. A quality post is shown below.

The only improvements we would recommend on Levi’s Facebook profile would be more active posting and optimized photo albums featuring products and campaigns. These suggestions are important for all brands to take note of, as images and content frequency are big components in Facebook success (especially for those who are lesser known than Levi’s – i.e. almost everyone!).


This image-based social network is ideal for retail brands. It draws a younger audience – the average age group is 18-29 – and can be a powerful product illustrator. Levi’s Instagram profile has over 80,000 followers, and blends vintage and modern visuals.

Levi’s is definitely more active on this network than others, posting an image almost every day. They artfully incorporate their products into the wide variety of pictures on their profile – striking that delicate marketing balance on social media. In the following post they put together four of their favorite consumer submissions from the holiday weekend – encouraging engagement and increasing visibility.

levis insta

Although Levi’s has a strong social presence across the board, their Facebook and Instagram are especially excellent examples of brand best practices. Their Pinterest profile is the only network that seems to lag behind.

As a largely fashion-focused platform, Pinterest presents a huge opportunity for Levi’s to build upon. They currently only have eight boards and a little over 4,000 followers. We recommend that they begin improving their profile by creating more content and identifying influencers to follow and reach out to.

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