When it comes to building your personal brand and producing content you’ll find that people will fall into one of three categories. I call this the 20/60/20 Rule, and if used properly you’ll create a massive community of raving fans. 

In this video I talk about the 20/60/20 Rule and explain who falls into each category… 

Why It’s Okay To Have Haters from John Morgan on Vimeo.

Don’t waste time trying to win over the haters. Focus your energy on taking excellent care of your supporters.

When your brand stands for something you are guaranteed to have haters.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy says if you aren’t pissing off at least one person a day then you aren’t trying hard enough.

Having haters is unavoidable. You’ll never please everyone. Being 100% honest with you, it doesn’t feel good when someone doesn’t like you or your business. You have to develop a thick skin about it & you have to focus on those who love you.

The good news is that haters unite your fan base. Your supporters will stick up for you and they will fight for you. It strengthens the bond between you and your audience who loves you.

A great example of this on a big scale is Martha Stewart. Like any personal brand she has fans and she has her share of haters. When Martha was sent to the slammer her haters had a field day.

The reaction from her supporters? They got fired up and made sure they supported her by using their wallets. They purchased so many of her products that her business actually increased while she was locked up!

Not everyone will be a fan of yours. And that’s okay because you don’t want everyone. You want the RIGHT people. The people who need your help and the people who will support you. Let the haters hate.