In today’s economy where digital is a large part of people’s lives, experience is extremely important for brands.

Factor 1 – In-store Experience

Consider the old economy model, you go to a store, you see the display (external) and walk in.

Here, you see neatly laid out aisles of products, with products neatly displayed on shelves, which you can touch and feel, the product/packaging.

You interact with a sales representative, who answers your questions and guides you.

If you see what just happened in the above 3 paragraphs you realise that there were a host of experiences you had, visual, spatial, human, conversational, an experience which indulged almost all your senses (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory etc.).

If your customer is experiencing your brand only via digital, the digital experience needs to evolve, to a conversational, visual, auditory, experiential experience.

You’re obviously going to lack a lot of real world interaction, and hence all the more the emphasis on ensuring their online experience is awesome.

Factor 2 – Competition

Most products have similar functionality.

Brands strive to create a unique USP.

Whatever that USP is, experience can play the role of a huge differentiation in winning the minds and hearts of the consumer.

Factor 3 – Attention

One of the most talked about problems today is the deficiency of attention.

Seeing the same old blog posts, website content, social media posts becomes drab and boring after a while.

If you want the consumers attention, you need to work hard on not just

getting his attention but

b) keeping it and making sure that

c) when they are ready to make a decision you’re available in a personalised fashion.

To retain the customers attention, you need to bring your brand experience to life at each touch point.

In Summary

Experience is no more an option, it helps make brands relevant offline in the real world and online in the digital space. It helps differentiate from the competition and helps keep the customers attention engaged with the brand.