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Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon – With all these social networking sites, it’s hard to choose which platform is best for lead generation. Everyone is asking, which of these is the hot and which is the not? Which do we prioritize in getting quality business leads? How many of these sites should we focus on our marketing?

The following is data acquired from the B2B Marketing Insider with the post entitled The Top 9 Social Networks for Businesses (to see the full post, click here). The study includes 59 social networks in which the top 9 have been selected among them to be entirely useful for businesses.

The first in the list is Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant, Facebook. With just about anybody who’s anybody is on Facebook, it is a no-brainer why it is deemed to be the king of social networks. With Facebook’s growth on the rise, many businesspeople engage in this social media platform in order to gain maximum visibility for their brand name.

With Google Plus as our next subject, a lot of disparity can be found on whether or not this is a good social networking portal for businesses. Many stick to the idea that it is a good website for b2b marketing as it can let one specifically target potential clientèle. Now the visitor count for Google Plus is nothing compared to that of Facebook. However, never forget that it is still owned by Google. Ergo, posting here will be also good for your business in other aspects; SEO being at the top spot of these reasons.

Now when it comes to slow and steady growth of traffic, that social media portal has got to be LinkedIn. Just about everything on this site is about business. So if you’re looking for on-line b2b leads then this is the place to be.

The next on the list is a rising star on the social media outpost which is Pinterest. With a lot of accessibility and easy to place posts with automatic backlink placements, it’s no wonder that everyone was clamoring about it the moment it arrived on the social networking scene. But that high level of traffic is on the decline. In other words, it’s like everybody just went on and logged-in for the holidays but left it alone as soon as work came crawling back in.

Another great social media marketing tool is Slideshare. This is where you can post a presentation of what your company can offer in an easy to click picture slideshow. Now a lot of people, even businesspeople, hate reading huge blocks of text. With Slideshare, b2b marketing becomes a lot less of a hassle for companies that are selling and those looking for products and/or services.

There are a lot of other notable social media giants that prove useful with regards to lead generation and for other marketing practices. Other sites include Reddit, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, and Youtube. However, the in-depth story on these will be for another time and another date.