The 35-year old pizza chain, Chuck E. Cheese, introduced a new mouse logo – a mouse dressed in blue jeans, a tee shirt, carrying an electric guitar – in the hope that it will re-boot its brand equity and get a new generation of children engaged with the brand and into their locations.The chain could certainly use something to spice up the brand. Currently Chuck E. Cheese ranks next-to-last in our Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, with the big chains looking like this:

  1. Domino’s
  2. Papa John’s
  3. Pizza Hut
  4. Godfather’s
  5. Round Table
  6. Chuck E. Cheese
  7. Little Caesars

Logos, it turns out, 99% of the time, end up being a component of the Corporate Reputation driver, which makes perfect sense. But one logo doth not make an entire pie, keeping with our theme. In the new animated advertising, the new mouse will be voiced by Jaret Reddick, the punk-rock band front man. The theme – “Chuck E. Rocks.”This is a process companies generally go though when they have reached a point were traditional marketing options have ceased to effectively address problems with flagging brand shares and increased levels of consumer ennui.Maybe the new logo will end up resonating with consumers. How bad could it be? It’s pizza, after all.