Ok, so, you’ve been craving a great date night out on the town at the best-hyped restaurant for an experience promised by reviews to leave you wanting more.

The night delivers on every expectation from the minute the maître d’ welcomes you to the restaurant, to the moment the sommelier arrives at your table to help pair the perfect bottle of wine to your meal.

The presentation and food are delicious.

The chef’s offerings are far better than anticipated but are in line with what you had envisioned. The wait staff is engaging, funny and knowledgeable.

To top it off, at the end of the meal, the waiter gives you a book published by the restaurant. The book explains in detail the region in France the food was inspired by, the best hotels to stay at and the top sights to visit when vacationing in that region. Let’s not forget the chef’s personal story about his life in France and his journey to America.

Needless to say, you leave loving the restaurant and can’t wait to share the experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or perhaps on your own personal blog.

A Brand Experience You Can’t Forget

Why did this work? Because….

1. They delivered an experience that elevated their brand promise.

2. They provided a cohesive message at every brand touchpoint.

3. They developed a content strategy that was in harmony with their marketing and sales strategy.

4. They developed non-branded subject matter that drew their audience in.

5. They understood that creating a brand identity is not just about surface consistency but inner coherence.

6. The genius was in the details.

This type of cohesive approach will undeniably place your brand in the minds of your consumers both as an industry leader and as a brand that innately understands its audience’s values and lifestyle.

Think about it this way, if you can achieve your goals through content and engaging experiences that communicate to your customers without selling – voila! Hats off to the chef.