It’s not news that as a CEO, you want to grow the business you lead. The problem is, figuring out how to get there.

More often than not, things are made more complicated than they need to be. It IS hard work building a company and brand, but maybe focusing all of your hard work behind a common goal or idea could make it easier.

By finding something that your brand stands for, you can create a beacon that customers and employees can focus on while everything else around them might be crazy. It’s this consistent focus that separates the good companies from the bad.

Here are 10 admired brands and what they concentrate on. By finding their one thing, they’ve driven their brand forward and positioned themselves in the customer’s minds.

1. McDonald’s represents “consistency.” A Big Mac in New York tastes the same as a Big Mac in Los Angeles. Customers expect consistency in what you deliver as well as how you deliver it.

2. Tom’s Shoes is “cause-based.” Customers love the “buy a pair, give a pair” concept. A certain segment (or all) of your customers are motivated by contributing to the greater good. In fact, 39% of people would recommend a “cause-based” brand to another person. How can your company give back?

3. Google is “fast.” Everything about Google is built around speed. From their speedy search results to the low-impact sign up processes for their products, there is very little glam and glitz. Can you resist the temptation to over-promote all of your products and simply give your customers what they want, quickly?

4. Trader Joe’s epitomizes “efficiency.” Trader Joe’s stocks less than 25% the average number of SKUs for grocery stores, yet has the highest earnings per square foot of any grocery chain in the country. Do what you do more efficiently than your competitors (regardless of size) and you will reap the benefits.

5. Oprah represents “trust.” When Oprah recommends a book, it instantly becomes a best-seller. Make sure your brand recommendations are solid, and you’ll become a trusted resource in your space.

6. Oreo is “nostalgic.” Oreo cookies are comfort food that every adult loves and shares with their children. Adopt nostalgia as part of your products or marketing and keep customers coming back for years.

7. Disney is “adaptive.” In the early days, Disney was the pioneer of animated features. Computers have driven Disney out of animated films, and they are now largely focused on the Disney channel. Like Disney, keep up with the times or you’ll find your competitors out in front.

8. Manchester United is “excellence.” Man Utd. is the largest and most valuable sports franchise in the entire world. They attract the best footballers from around the world, and in turn, continue to build legions of devoted fans. By constantly concentrating on producing a quality product, you’ll always attract those who seek it. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner.

9. Avon represents “independence.” Avon creates opportunities for 6.4 million men and women around the world to earn extra money on the side, on their schedule. Does your company give customers the flexibility and freedom to interact with it on their terms?

10. Audi is “inclusive.” Audi is a car brand that has been around for quite a while. Not long ago, they decided to target younger wealthy individuals and take on the big luxury brands who normally cater to old men. They are now the hippest car company on the block. Identify a segment of the population that is underserved by your product, and then position your brand in front of those customers.

As chief brand strategist at Kelsey, I advise my clients to find brand focus. By focusing your brand lens on one thing that makes you stand out in your category, you’ll see more separation between you and your competition.