The Lego Movie reigned supreme at the box office for three straight weeks after its initial release on February 7th. Coupled with a touring art exhibit called The Art of the Brick, this 50+ year old toy brand is really making headlines…

I recently read an article about the strength of the Lego empire.

Did you know that Lego is now the #2 toymaker in the world?

Having been in the toy business for over a decade, even I was surprised to learn that they surpassed Hasbro in 2012!

But the real question is how are they doing it?

In an era where Xbox One, tabeo and LeapPad Ultra are at the top of TRU’s top holiday toy list, how are basic building blocks still so exciting to children?

Well, first of all, Lego is focused on their core line.

For Lego, it’s all about their basic product and encouraging kids to use their imagination.

From there, it’s about staying true to the core brand while extending to other target audiences and into other areas.

With their Lego Friends line for girls, Lego created a whole new world with girlfriend characters, special kits in feminine colors and an entire digital environment to enhance it all.

The Chima line (which incidentally was also on TRU’s top toy list this past holiday) is their latest storyline that allows kids to extend beyond the bricks into other play patterns and video content as well.

And of course there are the enormously popular Star Wars and Harry Potter lines (among others) that fully and successfully embraced third-party IPs.

But regardless of the line extension, it still starts with the bricks.

In my opinion, what makes Lego so successful is that they know who they are and they know who they aren’t.

They don’t try to be a movie production house.

They left that up to Warner Bros.

They don’t try to be a video game producer; they leave that up to their partner, TT Games.

They understand that they are making construction toys for boys and girls alike and are fashioning the product to appeal to those audiences.

We always say that it is critical to be true to your brand and we think that Lego excels in this area.

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