Olympics humanized the brand by capturing moments like parents' reactions

I knew I had to write this post after I saw a few of the human interest stories that ran during the London Olympics 2012. As much as I love watching other sports like football, basketball and tennis, the governing bodies for those organizations do not captivate us with the athletes’ storylines like the Olympics.

Some of my favorite videos include the following:

These videos help us develop an emotional attachment to the athletes. As a result, we share in their exuberance during their successes – and we feel the pit in our stomach as we wait for their scores after they stumble in a routine. Here is my own vlog that expresses a little natural enthusiasm for the Olympics and the topic of humanizing this brand.

I would love to hear your favorite stories from the London Olympics 2012. I’d also like to hear your stories about who is “doing it right” as it pertains to humanizing a corporate brand. Do you find yourself providing more latitude and “grace” to a brand if you better understand the people and the values behind the brand?