Easter egg
Easter egg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t you love a good Easter Egg Hunt? Yesterday was Easter, and even though my daughters are older, they still wanted to hunt for Easter eggs. They’re competitive and they enjoy locating a well-hidden treat (and beating the other sister for who can locate more candy). Easter eggs are often hidden inside computer programs and online services — quick, try this to see what I mean:

In Google, type:

There are many other examples across Google, Bing, software titles, movies and television shows as well. I got me thinking about why Easter eggs appeal to us so much. It may be the combination of surprise, delight and often a shared secret.

What Easter eggs are inside your brand story?

Is there some shared secret? Something your “regulars” know to look for? It could be the special sale that isn’t advertised, or the hidden message that only a handful know exists. These brand story Easter eggs can become lore. Ever go to Disney World and look for the hidden Mickeys? Then you know what I mean.

Think about the feeling you get when you find an Easter egg — whether it’s in software, in a search engine, or in a store. And now think about ways you can share a brand story Easter egg with your own customers and partners. It can often be a fun and magical way to connect and share your brand story.

Let me know about the brand story Easter eggs you’ve shared.