Who doesn’t like a good video game? Earning points, getting badges and seeing our names on the leader board stimulates our desire to play more and get better. Will the same tactics work to engage users with your brand?

We’re betting they will. One of the more exciting trends we’re seeing is the growth of “Gamification”. Businesses are adding game-like features to their digital services to pique customers’ interest. Customers start to play the game, get a burst of points to motivate them to continue, and before they know it have grasped the rules of the game. They get a sense of progression, mastery and (hopefully) fun while learning about your site, mobile app, or your product or service.

Does that mean the customers get all the fun? Absolutely not! While they are playing, you’re collecting data — how do people prefer to learn about your service? Do different demographics prefer different paths? Every achievement is a data-point. Emergent patterns in the data help you to make your site stickier for your target customers.

Many brands are seeing impressive returns on the gamification investment. Is gamification for you? Consider your business goals. What do you want to achieve on your site, app or other digital property? What behaviors would you need to elicit to accomplish those goals? What rewards will motivate your customers? Answers to these kinds of questions will help you decide.

We’re thinking that gamification can have a positive impact on your marketing strategy. What do you think?