was one of the early content curation tools for taking your social streams and rendering them in a visually appealing newspaper-style format.

Even though now faces competition from many similar services such as Rebelmouse, Twylah, and many. many others, still offers one feature that I find extremely helpful.

The killer feature I am referring to is this: can be configured to automatically post a daily Tweet to your account mentioning the Twitter users that are featured on your page.

Why is’s daily Tweet a killer feature?

In order to understand the value of this service, let me explain how I’ve configured the service.

1. I curate a list of social media influencers in the financial services space on Twitter.

I do this for a couple of reasons. First, it helps me stay in touch with the great insights and content these influential folks are sharing about social media and financial services on a daily basis. I also maintain this list so others, like you, can subscribe to it and use the list just like I do.

2. These financial services influencers are the main content source of my paper.

One of the great features of is you can set up a “paper” to display the content based on what is shared by people on a list. My paper is based on two sources: my own tweeted links and the tweets of those people I include on my #finserv influencers list on Twitter.


3. My paper is called Influential Times in #finserv.

This is a play on a traditional newspaper name, but it also contains a hashtag. Twitter scientist Dan Zarella’s data shows that Tweets that contain one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted.

4. Automatic tweet announces the publishing of each edition. can be configured to publish weekly, daily or twice daily (morning and evening) editions. With each publishing, an automatic notification message can be sent to Twitter. (Recently, has added LinkedIn and Facebook to the list of networks that can be automatically notified on your behalf when a new edition publishes.)


What is so great about this is that not only does the tweet announce a new edition of your paper, but it mentions some of the people whose content is included. And this triggers engagement opportunities with those people. And all of that is done automatically, every day by – for free!

5. Include a community hashtag in your paper’s title or the Twitter notification post.

The default Twitter notification message for includes both a hashtag (which attracts more retweets, see above) and the phrase “daily is out” which according to Zarella’s research attracts additional retweets.


Killer. I know.

Tips for making work for you

Everything I’m doing with in the context of financial services information and influencers can be done in ANY subject area by ANYONE. Here are the tips I would offer you.

  • Invest some time in curating a list of influencers sharing interesting and relevant content in a topic area.
  • Configure your page to display the content shared by this list, plus add your own Twitter stream if you aspire to be an influencer in the group.
  • Customize your paper’s title and automatic Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook notifications, noting the research pointing to the benefit of hashtags and “daily is out” on Twitter.
  • Use the retweets and replies you get from the influencers you mention to engage those folks in further discussion.

I’d love to hear how you’re using to grow your personal brand and drive engagement in your community. Don’t be a stranger.