shutterstock_244342420Being ready for the next big trend or story is essential to building your personal brand online. But in order to effectively stay on track with what is going on in your market, it is important to have good research and analytics in place.

Are your conversations in alignment with what’s being shared on social media? There are several ways your brand can take advantage of agile marketing in order to stay ahead of what is to come and be prepared for news and events.

Today a personal brand should be actively engaged on social media on a regular basis, and tracking content and trends is essential to build an audience. Knowing and needs of your audience is a good start along with staying flexible in your content marketing plan.

Use Agile Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

Creating a regular social media posting and monitoring schedule is vital to the success of your brand. Here are some important tips on staying one step ahead of the latest news and trends online:

  • Track the latest hashtags – What topics are most popular in your niche on social media? These hashtags can change daily, and your brand will want to stay informed of what is trending and any current events that directly impact your market. A slow response can hurt your image, and this is especially important to monitor with scheduled posts and tweets. As you plan ahead it’s good practice to keep a shorter schedule in case anything changes online.
  • Conduct thorough research – Much like a news reporter your brand should be researching the latest topics for your niche, and who your influencers are. There are several online tools available to help you find information quickly with narrowed results based on keywords, top shares, the most engagement, ect. This will better enable you to pinpoint the latest news in your industry and somewhat predict what is to come.
  • Be ready for change – Keep an eye on how your brand’s tweets and posts are being perceived, and make the necessary changes based on the response. Sending out automatic content without activity can send a message to your community that you are not fully involved in their interests. Conversations and replies not only provide great customer service, but helps you become a better business with new ideas for what to share next.

As you involve agile marketing as a regular part of your personal branding strategy it’s good to remember that this is a process which involves careful attention and planning. By staying on top of the latest news and trends your business can build a great reputation online. The time spent researching your community is well worth the effort and can pay off in a big way if a trending topic goes viral in your niche.