personal-943873_1280Brand advocates are people or customers who represent or speak favorably about your brand online, and your office is full of potential advocates. Who? Your Millennial employees! This tech-savvy generation is already using social media, so why not have them use it for your benefit? Here’s how to turn Millennial employees into brand advocates:

Give and receive.

Did you notice a Millennial logging extra hours to meet a tight client deadline? Or even someone going out of their way to bring the team breakfast one morning? Highlight small acts of kindness or examples of dedication on your social media page. Millennials love praise and recognition, so putting it out there for all of the Twitter or Facebook world to see would be a huge accomplishment in the eyes of this generation. Treat them nicely on social media, and they’ll be sure to return the favor, sharing content and drawing attention to your brand on their pages.

Train them.

Make Milllenials feel comfortable being brand advocates by holding a training session with them. Obviously, Millennials won’t need to be trained on using different social media channels, but rather how you want them to professionally represent the company on these channels. They should be given guidelines on what’s appropriate and what’s not, so the boundaries are clear from the beginning. It’s important to take this step before moving forward with any social media campaigns to avoid employee-related disasters.

Have employees generate content.

The best way to get employees online and sharing the content? Have them create it! Identify employees from different departments that tend to stand out from the pack, and ask them if they would be interested in generating ideas for content. Someone from the graphic design team could be assigned to creating infographics or eye-catching images, while someone in marketing could be responsible for coming up with copy for the posts. When you get Millennials involved with the creation of your social media image, they’ll be more likely to share their own work on their pages!

Show collaboration.

Millennials love coming together and being part of team projects and achievements, so why not highlight these on social media? Showing teammates working together from within and outside of departments gives followers a peek into your company culture, and also makes Millennials feel proud to work with the company. This generation will be eager to sing your company’s praises on their own social media channels, showing off the collaborative efforts that take place within the office.

Highlight positive reviews.

Some businesses have a slight advantage in turning Millennials into brand advocates. The service industry has the power to use positive customer reviews about an employee and promote them via social media. Once it’s posted, find the Millennial’s personal social media pages and tag them in the post. Millennials will love being included in something on the company’s page and will more than likely share this content onto their own page, showing what a great company you are and how well you treat employees.

Have you tried to turn Millennial employees into brand advocates? Share your successes and failures in the comments below!