Establishing a professional persona for your personal brand begins with a winning author bio. Writing and marketing are just the beginning to attracting readers, and you want to ensure that all of your time and effort gets the most visibility and sales.

A personal brand’s reputation online is important when it comes to attracting a large audience. Your summary and knowledge can open the doors to more books sales. Publishing success includes a professional introduction and hooks the reader. This is the calling card for all your books both digital and print.

How can your brand make your author bio stand out? Through a clear description, which is unique to who you are, and being very clear about what you can offer your readers.

A brand with a compelling bio will get noticed along with a professional website and smart marketing plan in place. In order to be successful there are a few key strategies to put into practice first.

How to attract readers for your book with a great author bio

There are several ways to attract visibility for your brand’s next publication online:

  • Focus on the important elements first – Outline exactly how your brand can help your audience through an introduction of your target market or niche, and the experience you offer. Showcase a personal side to your business that is unique to you and include where your readers can find your company online.
  • Include testimonials and recommendations – People want to know that you are an actual trusted resource in your industry. If you have any influencer or customer feedback be sure to include these in your description. This can also be media interviews and guest blog reviews of your work.
  • Show what makes you different – If you do a search on places like Amazon you’ll soon discover there is plenty of competition in your niche. It’s important to highlight what is unique to your brand and even include a slogan or two to make your name more memorable.

Taking the time to establish your personal brand’s book(s) as a go-to resource can open the door to even more opportunities and connections. Write something that looks great for both eBooks and print books, and is simple to understand yet with a professional look. A good bio is the first thing your readers will see — write it out several times before deciding on a final version.