A lot is going to be demanded of business leaders in 2012 due to fast-changing social technology that is remaking the business landscape in the midst of a tough economy. To ensure that you’re one of the success stories of 2012, you need to start with the right mindset, focus and goals. To that end, here are ten resolutions to get you off to the right start.

1. Recognize and respond to the reality that Facebook, Google and Twitter are the NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox of the future.

2. Inspire and demonstrate rigor in the articulation of your brand purpose to create the emotional connection with your customers that will drive their social media engagement.

3. Explore and integrate how to offer your customers greater authenticity, transparency and accountability to increase their loyalty and your profitability.

4. Interrogate and embrace how your brand can become more human interacting with customers in a way that captures their attention, commands their interest and inspires their loyalty.

5. Monitor and maintain the wide breadth of networks, platforms, and channels through which to bring your brand to life using a variety of media including text, video, photos and podcasts.

6. Deeply accept and respond the fact that your customers are increasingly driving your content distribution through their personal social media channels.

7. Identify and respond to the power of F-commerce (Facebook commerce) by expanding your e-commerce presence on the network.

8. Explore and act on what your brand and business will look like if it only lives in a smart phone in your customer’s hand.

9. Play with and apply the gamification of your product and service offerings including rewards and incentives for customer engagement, loyalty and sharing.

10. Internalize the fact that control of your brand must now be shared with your customers and offer them the personal attention, professional respect and authentic interest appropriate to business partners.

These ten resolutions are critical to the mind shift that must occur about how your brand, community and profits are built, maintained and expanded. They need to be adopted company-wide and will necessitate changes in company structure and roles. The upside is that such efforts will pay enormous dividends when the power of storytelling and the scalability of social media combine to generate brand awareness, customer loyalty and offline, online, social and mobile commerce.