3-questionsAs with anything else in life you should never assume you know the answers.

I find going into things with this mindset helps more often than it harms the effort.

So when I sit down with someone to help them build an effective strategy to market their talents, skills, or services I see trends. What I find interesting is that the questions that follow are all online based. Although effective personal brand building is much more than an online presence most people are really concerned about this these days.

The number one question or I should say concern I hear is…

I don’t know how or believe I can make content

I hear this from a broad range of people in all industries. I’m shocked to find out that people don’t realize the amount of content they are creating with just doing what they do each and every day.

Some industries are rife with moments, content snippets, and items that you can turn into content nuggets. The key for you is you must tune into these moments and see how they can relate and be of use to you.

Thinking about creating content should not scare you in any way. Now more than ever there are creative ways to create but also deliver content.

So for instance many people simply don’t believe they can write.

My answer to this is… Okay, I get that but let me ask you if you have 7 – 10 minutes a day?

Great, spend 3 minutes doing an outline of something you know about that can add value. Make it a great outline and make sure you write down the key points.

Next, all you do is dial a phone number, leave a voice message speaking about this topic covering your key points. This get’s transcribed, sent back to you and suddenly you have a blog post. Usually with some minor editing you have your content.

This is just one of many ways to creatively create content.

Content creation isn’t as hard as most people make it out to be, you just have to think out of the box and come up with a style that works for you.

I don’t know how to drive traffic online

Okay, I get that, now what I’m going to write here and what I tell people I work with are two things.

First people I work with I say… well I know how to drive traffic, you know me, so in-turn, you now know how to drive traffic.

For those of you that don’t currently work with You Brand what I would tell you is first focus on the value and content you can provide.

Driving traffic as with any form of advertising or awareness takes effort. Sure having some know how helps but in the end if this is the main reason why you haven’t got off your seat and took it to that next level then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Great content will find traffic. So if you are dedicated you will strive to create great content and in the process learn one of the critical pieces to driving traffic.

Those Other People

I’ve heard this a lot… This wouldn’t work in my industry/my business or the Internet/social media is for those other people.

Okay I haven’t met those other people yet but if they exist not sure if I’d want to anyways. Look if you think of feel the internet and the strategies to market yourself is for other people you are right.

You ‘re right when those other people are getting validation, jobs, and more income because of a skill set that you have the ability to learn that you don’t want to learn.

While those other people are investing time and resources in learning, adapting, and adjusting this new technology into their business you are deciding to go old school. I get it, but I’m not sure I would recommend that as a path to success in the future.

Now is the Time to Start

Internet marketing and social media marketing is really not the difficult task it may seem. At it’s core it comes down to people. If you can interact with people you can interact online.

Sure knowing the tools, the how, and the why helps but if you understand the basics of effective communication you can master what you need to know online.

In fact, if you can interact with people ‘in real life’ chances are you will be more effective than someone who can only interact online. I’ve met these people, while genius behind the screen in person they lack basic etiquette.

So don’t look back, jump in and get going.