What branding terms inspire your employees, customers, and fans? Do your employees know and understand your brand promise? Do you customers and fans embrace your brand personality? Who are your brand ambassadors?

Check out my top ten list of timeless branding terms that may help you and your leadership team answer these important branding questions.

BRAND AMBASSADOR: some brands pay people to promote their brands, but in the simplest form, all employees are brand ambassadors and represent an employer brand in the community because they speak positively or negatively about your employer brand

BRAND ARCHITECTURE: the structure and names of brands within a portfolio, like a “family tree” of brands and sub-brands

BRAND AUDIT: a comprehensive exam to determine the health of a brand

BRAND EXPERIENCE: To quote Canto, “Brand experience influences how customers feel about a brand through a simple but meaningful encounter. Brand experience builds consumer awareness and often creates brand-faithful customers. The ultimate goal is to elicit positive emotions and feelings from consumers concerning a specific brand…If the brand experience you offer doesn’t excite audiences, they’ll forget you over time and move on to other brands.”

BRAND EXTENSION: the extension of a brand into a new category, sub-category, or industry (for example, when Coca-Cola sells Dasani water)

BRAND PERSONALITY: the brand image or brand identity expressed in terms of human characteristics (for example, the Energizer Bunny)

BRAND POSITIONING: how a company positions itself within an industry to stand out; three components usually include: target audience, benefit, and differentiator

BRAND PROMISE: the experience that a brand’s consumers, customers, fans, etc., can expect to receive every single time they interact with a brand – the more that an organization can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand value in the mind of employees and customers

Consider these questions: What does the brand stand for? What values are synonymous with the brand? What is the compelling benefit? Is there consistency every time you interact with the public?

And consider these brand promises: From FedEx: Your package will arrive overnight – guaranteed. Or this from Amazon: Deliver the broadest selection of products and services at the lowest prices with minimal hassle. Or this from Google: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

BRAND STANDARDS/BRAND GUIDE: the standards by which a brand is communicated at all consumer touchpoints: logo usage specifications, color palettes, fonts, writing style, design style, and company-wide details

BRAND VOICE: this is how a brand is communicated to its audience – written in formal collateral, written on corporate website, written in social media which may be less formal, and spoken on the phone – once determined, this must be done in a consistent manner

What’s your favorite branding term? Please chime in and share.

Image Credit: Debbie Laskey, MBA.

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