Branding, if done right, can have a tremendous effect in the growth of your business. It generally occurs when an element such as color, logo, or tagline becomes universally associated with your product or your business.

So if you’re thinking about building your online brand, here are some key points to remember:

Determine first what you want to brand. When it comes to branding, who or what do you brand? Do you brand your company? Your products? Or do you brand YOU?

Well, if you are in the consulting industry where your business greatly relies on your personality and expertise, then you and your business becomes one. This means that you should work on branding YOU.

However, if you’re business involves selling products, then focus on branding the products.

Consistency is the key. When it comes to branding, you should be consistent at all times, otherwise you will confuse your audience. This applies to your logo, product and site color, even the tone on how you write your taglines or social media updates.

If there come a time when you see the need to change your logo, then do it gradually. Check out how big corporations changed their logos over time.

Here are some ways on how you can be consistent with your branding:

  • Always use the same tagline in all our marketing campaigns
  • Always use the color scheme of your brand when printing marketing visuals and print materials
  • Always use your logo across different media – digital or print

Build a strong community. At the back of every successful brand is a very strong and loyal community. You know your brand is successful when you have very loyal customers who help you spread the word about your brand without telling them to do so.

Social media platforms can be a great ways to start community building.