We all want to leave our mark on the world – How about a blue print?

Tieks Italian leather designer flats are quickly identified by way of their signature blue bottoms. The split sole is designed so that the shoes can fold in half and fit inside of a purse. They’re described as the “ballet flat, reinvented.”

Forbes recently included the brand in their “25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands of 2013.” This stylishly practical brand was founded by brothers Kfir and Elram Gavrieli in 2008. Their sister Dikla is also involved, and together they created the Tieks “Gavrieli Foundation” for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. Their passion for cultivating change and raising awareness even translated over to their social profiles. For example, every time Tieks garners a “like” on Facebook, they send $1 to women living in poverty.

Tieks has nailed their consumer audience – and more than that, they embody them. Tieks flats are meant for the chic, put-together woman who needs a professional alternative to (or at least a break from) heels. They are comfortable and fashionable – a rare gem in the shoe world.

The Tieks brand is a dynamic presence on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their social content is impressively creative yet classically simple. They have well over 600,000 “likes” on Facebook, and actively post product information and foundation updates. We delve further into their successful social branding below, examining their profiles on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Tieks Branding Across Networks:

Consistently Chic

In any brand marketing – and especially when it comes to high fashion – it’s vital to understand the consumer. The Tieks brand has this down pat, as exemplified on their Instagram. They encompass all aspects of a chic life, with pictures including the Italian coast, trendy cupcakes and macaroons, mimosas, the famous Rodeo drive sign, beautiful clothes, and of course – their shoes as the guiding light of it all. With nearly 300,000 followers, they’re clearly excelling in “la vita e bella.”

tieks instagram

Dedicated to Design

Pinterest can be a highly effective marketing tool for clothing and shoe brands – if properly optimized. Tieks cultivated a successful presence on the image-based network by way of consistent design, trending content and active pinning. The most noteworthy feature on their profile is the cover photo of each board. They are all custom images designed to convey the Tieks-esque visual branding – as shown below. This demonstrates their willingness to go above and beyond to reach the Pinterest demographic, as well as their genuine dedication to the Tieks lifestyle.

tieks pinterest

Customized Consumer Experience

Unlike the cold corporate social accounts touted by many brands, Tieks strives to be more personal online. Their Twitter account is actually handled by “Tieks Girl,” described as the “globetrotting fashionista and PR girl for Tieks ballet flats.” Along with responding diligently to consumer questions and photos, she also posts her own Tieks pictures and stylish scenes of the shopping-and-brunching kind of life. It’s a unique approach to Twitter that should certainly inspire others.

tieks twitter