It’s not that one is an expert in personal branding, it’s that they’re passionate in what they do, attract a like-minded following, and drive traffic.

The personal branding is the result of these efforts, not the initiator.

Mistaking cause for effect is like saying “When I go to funerals, I have to wear a suit– so if I wear suits more often, I’ll get invited to more funerals.”


Same is true for people who want to get rich. The mega-successful folks we know believed in something passionately, which later created wealth.

If you want to be famous for the sake of being famous, then you should put a champagne glass on your butt. Or you should make sure you’re born into a rich family (that owns a hotel chain), so you can focus solely on being a celebrity.

The social media and SEO consultants out there have long been guilty of not practicing what they preach. The obese should not be giving fitness advice. I know, since I’m currently in all these categories above.

Practically speaking, to build your personal brand you need to do 3 things:

1. Get your plumbing in order.

That means you have a blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, Quora, Twitter, and other networks. Without this foundation, when you create content, it will leak all over the place. There’s all sorts of stuff written about how to buy a domain, set up a blog, and so forth. Mundane, but necessary.

2. Create content in your chosen area of expertise.

You can’t have personal branding unless you stand for something, no matter how many branding experts you hire.
I suppose you can create a personal brand around helping others create a personal brand, but there is room for only so many of these folks.

The hardest thing for young and old folks alike, is choosing a topic– not sure what to choose, hard to niche it down, too many options, don’t know enough.

Mine is helping young adults get jobs by collaborating with schools and employers. It’s a mission statement that others can rally around.

3. Amplify.

Not just ads, but sharing, engaging in the community, and truly being helpful. We believe in a dollar a day in Facebook ads to reach the influencers of influencers— even if you’re a student or unemployed.

If you’ve gotten your plumbing in gear and created content in the right way, amplification is easy. People who believe in your cause will go out of their way to help you.

For the same reason that personal branding experts don’t exist, Facebook marketing experts won’t exist. Those who truly are personal branding experts are so busy with their cause that they are not out marketing how to sell services in this space.

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