Talk of the Superbowl has been rife in recent weeks, with the buzz even reaching our British shores, which is rather impressive if you consider that only four people in the country know the rules to American football.

To commemorate the event, some of the geniuses we have working here at Brandwatch have developed this great little data-viz, which feeds off Twitter to represent the popularity of each advertiser in a wormery.

To view the data-viz, click here!

Much better than a lousy old infographic – there’s been a bit of infographic fatigue in recent weeks – the app is a real-time representation of all the tweets about each brand’s adverts during the Superbowl.

Using our social media monitoring tool with full access to Twitter’s firehose of tweets, we’ve been able to pull in all the tweets that mention each company and the superbowl, using bespoke queries afforded by the app.

Each worm represents a one of the brands, with kit colours to match. The more mentions a brand receives, the closer that worm will get to the middle. The most popular brand will be the proud holder of the ball too.

We’ve also included all sorts of data goodies, such as a topic cloud for each brand, a simple buzz chart that illustrates when peaks in volume occurred and the total ad spend for each company.

Another sweet little feature is the sentiment breakdown for each ad, which is broken down further into days.

The app also shows US and UK news sources about the Superbowl adverts, which have understandably so far shown that American news outlets are a bit more eager to discuss it than their British counterparts.

The brands are also ranked by volume in the column on the right; almost two million mentions have been found at the time of writing.

Who will emerge victorious as the adverts are aired is up for debate, but Volkswagen are leading the pack on the 2nd of February, thanks to their recent preview of the Star Wars-themed commercial.

Another cool way of engaging with the app, aside from getting on Twitter now and discussing your favourite brand’s Superbowl ad, is to tweet a chant and include the #BWcheerleader hashtag.

Now you’ll be able to see your chant appear in the top right, right where our sexy cheerleading worm is!

Each worm lets you scroll through a selection of their latest tweets, so you can see the type of comment people are saying about each brand.

Get involved! Tweet to your heart’s content about your brand’s Superbowl advert and get your favourite company’s wormy hands on that elusive ball. Watch this space to see how things develop over the weekend.

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