Influence. Customers. Money.

It’s what most people want when they set out to create an entrepreneurial brand.

Stop and think about that for a moment. It feels a bit cold, right? I mean, yes – of course you want to make money, win friends, and influence people. There are books written about that.

But that’s not how your big, awesome business idea started.

For a Long Time, I was in Love

You had a vision of making a difference in the world. You chose an audience that you felt connected to. Your brand started off full of vibrancy and focused on the opportunity of helping others.

But here you are reading this post, realizing that somehow it became more complex than you ever thought possible. Overwhelming in fact.

Your impact is minimal.

Your customers have vanished.

And your profit… well, what’s that?

The Longer That I Wait the More Selfish That I Get

How did this happen?! You’re doing everything that you thought would be so easy to do…

  • Create a business.
  • Start a blog.
  • Market with social media.
  • Buy the shiny objects.
  • Hop on the next big trend.

But no one’s buying. No one’s connecting. No one’s interested.

How much longer is this going to take?! What the [email protected] do you have to do to get people interested in your business and make a buck to eat at taco for lunch?!

Step back from the ledge.

I’m about to fill you in on the most important business concept to simplify your brand. But before we do, let’s talk truth.

When All I Ever Wanted Was the Simple Things

Truth? You’ve lost focus.

How do I know? You’re trying to do too much at once. You’re praying that by throwing a bunch of “stuff” against the brand building wall, you’re going to eventually have some sort of success.

But what if you could get your focus back? Imagine what that would do for achieving real results. You know, the kind you can measure. The kind you can point to and say, “A-ha! That was the day my plan worked!”

I’m talking results like increasing conversion ratios by 148.3%, which KISSmetrics reported about Corkscrew Wine Merchants decision to use one leading benefit in their header copy and image – receiving a big discount.

Brandspiration Simple Kind of LIfe

So how can you get back to the simple things? The Simple One Technique.

This is the most simple, basic, down-to-earth solution for getting you back to simplicity in your brand.

What is the ONE outcome you want?

Not a gazillion outcomes. Just one. Make it objective.

Need examples? Sure, check this out…

  • Determining your brand vision: What is the ONE problem you want to fix in the world?
  • Creating a blog post: What is the ONE subject matter you are writing about?
  • Using a new marketing strategy: What is the ONE quantifiable result you want to achieve?
  • Developing a new product or service: What is the ONE meaningful problem you are solving for your audience?
  • Designing a New Website Page: What is the ONE action you want your reader to take?

Do you see a pattern developing here? By focusing on the one outcome you want, you are able to gain clarity of what you are looking to accomplish. Better yet, if you find that you are not achieving results in a reasonable amount of time, you’re able to fail fast and move on.

Sure, there will be additional objectives, but you want to focus on measuring and obtaining your success on your one major outcome. And if you find yourself slipping and starting to focus on multiple outcomes, just tell yourself the tired old idiom: Keep it Simple, Stupid!


Okay, this is all fine and dandy until you actually put it into use. Here’s what you need to do:

Whenever you are questioning what you need to do for your brand, use The Simple One Technique and ask yourself: “What is the ONE outcome I want to achieve?”

So what is the ONE outcome I want to achieve with this post? I want you to try the technique! Duh.

When you use it and get a quantifiable difference in your brand – things like more leads, blog subscribers, speaking engagements, industry influence, etc. that are based on your clarity of focus – leave me a comment below. I’d be happy to feature your story in an upcoming post!