Will your logos die a slow painful death, or will it stay vibrant and alive for a long time?

The old adage if your product is in demand, your logos could be timeless, proves to be true with such brands like Windsor Salt or Maple Leaf Foods. Products that are fortunate enough to get near what those products have achieved is the goal of every advertisers and no doubt their dream.

If your product has a simple recognizable logo such as Apple with a bite taken out of it, is recognizable anywhere in the world. It is not a complex, unobtainable symbol. It even provokes thought as to what the bite out of the Apple means. One meaning could be the bite Eve took out of the apple in the Garden of Eden, and gave it to Adam.

One of the most widely held interpretations says that the logo memorializes Alan Turing, the mathematician and scientist who laid the foundations for computer science with his pioneering research into artificial intelligence and unlocking German codes during the World War II. Turing committed suicide in 1954 by biting an apple laced with cyanide.1

Internet-Geeks and other Apple users like this interpretation. And yes, this simple logo is so thought provoking that the rumors to its meaning is debated to this day. There is no doubt this is part of the appeal of Apple’s logo.

Apple didn’t always have this logo. Apple has changed the logo in color, theme and texture over the years. It has used the logo with a rainbow theme, an aqua theme and, since 2003, with a glass theme.2 It has adapted and has changed with the times.

When it comes to political candidates logos go a long way. A candidate cannot be in many places at once, but his logo can be everywhere. The logo even has to be simple enough to fit on a button. Having simple and bold ideas, and the adage that “less is more”, advertisers can make strong and empowering messages.

In order to proceed with determining what your logo will be you must research to see if a logo already exists; does it mean something strange or offensive in any other language; will consumers and companies be able to find you on the Internet.

Lindsay Sleightholm of 3H Communications Inc., of Oakville, Ontario says “when developing a logo, type-faces, graphics, colour, size, balance, print or digital applications, and mobile items are all important considerations. Another issue to consider is whether or not your logo will survive going from colour, to black and white. With a logo, you have to have a succinct visual, in order to communicate the brand essence. Your logo has to be easily recognizable, and stand apart within its market segment.” Logos, branding, and advertising methods have to change with the times as well; even from day to day in order to stay competitive.

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